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Among the many things we must improve to improve our writing score, grammar is one that is CRITICAL and often MISUNDERSTOOD.

If you’re like many students, you think that grammar raises your score by removing errors in your writing (which is TRUE) and writing more complex sentences to earn a higher score (which is TRUE and FALSE).

It is FALSE when you do this on purpose. You’re actually lowering your score when you take a simple idea and push yourself to explain it with complex grammar. It hurst your clarity, is easy to see as a TOEFL strategy, and as a result, lowers your score.

However, if you explain something complex and use the simplest grammar to explain, you’ll earn a higher score!

Again, complex grammar that raises your score DOES NOT come from trying to use complex grammar. It comes from understanding that you’re explaining complex ideas on the TOEFL: your understanding of a debated topic in writing question 1 and your explanation of your thoughts about the world in writing quesiton 2. Since you’re an adjult professional who is living a full life, you don’t need to worry about having complex ideas: you’re full of them.

You must concentrate on explaining what you think fully and clearly with the clearest grammar possible. As a result, your thoughts will demonstrate a higher mastery of English, your grammar will be naturally complex, and you will earn you dream TOEFL score!

To do this successfully we need to study grammar in a unique way. We need to RESTART our grammar training to understand that it is a tool for clarity. We must understand it as a way to explain clearly NOT just a set of rules to memorize and follow.

And, there’s good news! The video below, from a previous grammar class, will do exactly that. Please watch it carefully, review it often (while it’s here for you to study), and apply it as much as you can.

Now, it’s time to BOOST your grammar to BOOST your writing score:


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