Honey R

R: 24, L: 30, S: 26, W: 24

AUGUST 2020 – PHARMACY. Honey R is an aspiring pharmacist from India who started her TOEFL journey in March of this year (2020). The pharmacy board changed their requirements recently, …


Marianella L

R: 23, L: 25, S: 24, W: 23

JULY 2020 – TEACHING CERTIFICATE. Marianella is an aspiring teacher from Venezuela who needed to take the TOEFL to work towards her certification. It is her dream to be able …


Carmela C

R: 23, L: 25, S: 26, W: 25

JUNE 2020 – PHARMACY. Carmela C is a passionate student from the Philippines who’s on the road to becoming a licensed pharmacist. In order for her to receive her FPGEC, …


Milad A

R: 29, L: 29, S: 23, W: 26

MAY 2020 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. It’s time to shine our success spotlight on this month’s Student of the Month: Milad A. from Iran! Milad is applying for his mechanical engineering …


Vivian R

R: 22, L: 25, S: 26, W: 25

APRIL 2020 – PHARMACY. This month’s Student of the Month award goes to Vivian R. from Cuba! Vivian needed to pass the TOEFL to receive her foreign pharmacy license. She …


Victoria R

R: 25, L: 20, S: 26, W: 21

MARCH 2020 – NURSING. It’s time to celebrate this month’s Student of the Month: Victoria R.! Victoria is a registered nurse who came to the US from the Ukraine. Like …


Sulaimon K

R: 25, L: 28, S: 26, W: 26

FEBRUARY 2020 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. This month NoteFull is proud to celebrate Sulaimon K. as our Student of the Month! Sulaimon is a social psychology student from Nigeria who wishes …


Sunny P

R: 18, L: 18, S: 26, W: 26

JANUARY 2020 – NURSING. This month NoteFull is proud to present Sunny P. as our Student of the Month! Sunny moved to Germany from Thailand about a year ago to …


Mariam A

R: 27, L: 23, S: 26, W: 24

DECEMBER 2019 – PHARMACY. This month we are excited to share with you the story of Mariam A! Mariam was actually born in the US. But she spent a lot …


Luka B

R: 29, L: 30, S: 24, W: 28

NOVEMBER 2019 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Originally from Georgia, Luka B. had a hard time finding TOEFL help. With dreams of coming to the US to study economics, he wanted to …


Malvika C

R: 30, L: 25, S: 28, W: 29

OCTOBER 2019 – PHARMACY. Malvika is a gifted student of ours from India. We never got the chance to meet her, but it is obvious that she truly took her …


Walaa A

R: 24, L: 29, S: 26, W: 27

SEPTEMBER 2019 – PHARMACY: WITH LIVE INTERVIEW! Walaa is a wonderful student of ours from Egypt. It is her dream to get her pharmacy license so she can work as …