For NoteFull students coming from the OLD site

How to study with YOUR new site:

Please read this FULL page so we can take care of you 100%.

First, YOU are the most important part of NoteFull. We want to ensure that YOU know this new site is YOURS. And, we want it to create only positive feelings and enthusiasm as you study.

So, this is for YOU, current NoteFull students: access to all of our major programs because you registered for them and helped us build them with your feedback, as well as other powerful programs and lessons you may not have registered for.

First: Click here to purchase Family First on the NEW site.

Second: Enter this coupon to get it for FREE: familyfirst

Third: After you create your account, click your Family First membership. 

After clicking on that link, you’ll be taken to your introduction page. Read everything carefully and follow the instructions and you’ll have everything and more from the old site to study.

After that, click on the other links circled below and read those pages carefully.

Each will show you how to access our powerful Jewel course (the old ESL power) as well as the vocabulary programs. In addition, you’ll gain incredible access to our NoteFull archive of classes.

If after you follow these instructions and read each of the three pages in your course we discussed above… if you exprience any trouble, let us know via our contact us page.

Now, stay strong, focused, and studying!

We are here to continue to support you EVERY step of the way UNTIL you reach your dream TOEFL score, which you WILL!