For NoteFull students coming from the OLD site

How to study as we change to OUR new site:

First, YOU are the most important part of NoteFull. We want to ensure that YOU know this new site is OURS. And, we don’t want it to create anything but positive feelings and enthusiasm as you study.

And, as usual, because of YOU, your support, your sharing your success with your friends, your warmth, and your commitment to reach your dream in partnership with us, we gain the resources to support you, ourselves, and others: the NoteFull family.

So, this is for YOU, current NoteFull students. Access to all of our major programs because you registered for them and helped us build them with your feedback, as well as other powerful programs and lessons you may not have registered for.

This way you have all you need to study now, until we fully change over with all your accounts to the new site. So…

Your instructions to study for YOUR TOEFL success now:

First, you want to use the link below to visit our old site. We are keeping it up until next month to ensure you have your access as we bring your accounts into the new site.

So, if you can’t log-in on the new site, NO PROBLEM AT ALL 🙂

Simply click on the link below to go to our old NoteFull site. From there, you can enter your email and password and log in as usual:

However, we understand that during the change, many might experience technical problems logging in if you changed your password, NO PROBLEM AT ALL 🙂 We created a special account with ALL of our most powerful material, so you lose nothing.

Simply enter the following email and password (please don’t change the password so others get the support they need too.) And, you’ll see all our great programs for you to continue with your studies without delay:

password: 2020success

Staying up to date with NoteFull

As usual, we thank you for your trust, commitment, and allowing us to be a part of your important journey to TOEFL success. We’re in this together, 100%, UNTIL you pass, which you WiLL!

Again, as usual, stay up to date with NoteFull and all that’s going on so you’re always taken care of by checking and reading all emails from us carefully.

With that, we leave you to study so that we continue working hard here on the site. You will see our work over the next few days and weeks as we change pages, add content, and reach out to you to share all that we’re creating for your success.



Accessing other links from NoteFull

If you have other links that you use to access special pages to help you pass, you can still access those pages by adding the word “archive.” before “” in the link.

For example, if you click on a link from an email we sent to you to watch recordings of your small group tutoring sessions, or of other videos we created for you, or pages with content you saved, you will land on:

“oops, that page can’t be found.”

However, simply click on the URL and add “archive.” before “” in the URL. Here’s an example. If you wanted to visit a link to our note-taking for the TOEFL listening, you’ll land on the “oops” page. Then, when you click on the URL. You’ll see something like this:

All you need to do is add “archive.” before, like this:

And, all your old links will work. We did this, so you lose nothing in the transition, but gain now and into the future with what our new site will allow us to do.