Common Qs

Hello and welcome to our Common Qs sections, which stands for: Common Questions.

In this part of the site, we aim to answer ALL of your general questions about the TOEFL and working with NoteFull to get your TOEFL dream score.

We also use this part of the site to address all current happenings at NoteFull as well as trending questions and comments that we’re getting via email.

So, visit this part of the site regularly to stay up to date on the TOEFL and NoteFull.

Students have been bringing this up in classes regularly. So, this will be to inform you and support you.

First, test centers are closing around the United States and world in response to the growth of COVID-19. For example, Prometric test centers across the United States have closed and will not be offering the TOEFL and other exams until April 16th.

Click here to read about Prometric center’s closing in response to COVID-19

Of course, there are many test centers remaining open around the world and even in the US too. These test centers should be allowing you and others to bring gloves and masks when you take the exam. Please call or email to double check this.

Though it may not happen to you, be open to getting a sudden cancellation; you will be refunded.

Feel comfortable though that ETS has been good about issuing refunds, but not easy to always get in touch with. We recommend reaching them by email or chat to avoid long wait times.

Click here to go directly to the ETS TOEFL contact us page.

To recap, you may be taking the TOEFL normally depending on your location, finding sudden cancellations, and facing a prolonged wait before you know when you can take the TOEFL. For example, if you schedule your TOEFL for April 25th, depending on your location and the containment of COVID-19, your test may be cancelled again.

Click here for TOEFL test location postponements and temporary closures around the world.

Second, TOEFL released a special home edition of the TOEFL starting March 23rd, 2020.

This is GREAT news because it means that you have a chance to continue towards your dream TOEFL score without significant delay from COVID-19.

Below is a screen shot and link to learn more about this, to see whether you qualify, and to try it if you’re ready.

If you qualify, want to learn more, or register, click here to go directly to ETS’s page to enroll.

Third, KEEP KEEP KEEP studying and preparing with strength and courage.

Many of you are now facing a dramatic change:

—working longer hours since many of you are in the health care field (thank you for everyone you’re helping);

—working fewer or no hours because of the economic impact;

—working normal hours from home;

—doing EVEN MORE by homeschooling your children… etc.

In other words, we are facing a STRONG challenge towards our success and as we know (though never expect or can anticipate how they will come) challenges towards success will always occur.

We’re here to provide these important words:

Don’t slow down, study more if your time allows, forget WHEN you will take the TOEFL, prepare instead to be ready to pass WHENEVER you are able–whether it be in 2 weeks or 6 months.


You’ve been working hard, this test is important to you and your future, don’t lose what you’ve built. Take this as an opportunity to get even better and ensure that you are 100% ready to pass when you can take the TOEFL.

Third, let this FUEL you to work harder because your dream is now MORE IMPORTANT to reach.

As students working to improve and build your skills in a foreign language, let us remind you that YOU are the coming leaders of the world as your children will be.

You are the ones who will become leaders in your fields, businesses, communities, and countries. As many of you are already.

We say that to remind you that in expanding your skills with the TOEFL, improving your career by passing, you will be in a BETTER position to create positive change AND ensure your value in the challenging economic times this is causing for many.

In other words, we all need you to continue towards your dreams, even more now than before.


You and our community will of course get through this. It may be–though we hope not–hard and painful. But, we will. Don’t let this event give you a reason to put aside your larger dreams. YOU CAN DO IT!

First, as usual, our recommendation for ANY TOEFL is to wait until you have trained enough so that you are prepared to get your dream TOEFL score.

Second, if you feel that you are ready and you qualify, ABSOLUTELY, give the Home Edition a try. It’s FANTASTIC that the TOEFL created this. As a result, you don’t need to worry about when you can take the TOEFL in a test center because you might qualify to take it at home.

However, some of you may not be able to take it depending on the country you’re currently in AND you might want to check with the institutions that are requiring you to take the TOEFL.

For example, we believe all univerisities will accept these results but licensing boards may or may not. It depends because COVID-19 is a unique situation and everyone’s response is changing daily.

So, THIRD, keep training UNTIL you get your dream TOEFL score AND your insitution accepts it. This time with COVID-19 requires us all to be flexible and know that things are changing daily.

Here’s an image that describes what countries it’s being offered in. You’ll find great information about it and below that a link to get started with the process.

If you qualify, want to learn more, or register, click here to go directly to ETS’s page to enroll.

Fourth, your results will STILL be determined more by your training than where you take your TOEFL.

Whenever there’s a change or offering like this, there tends to be excitement to take the exam. That’s GREAT! Give it a try, but we want to remind you that your results are largely determined by your training.

In other words, we believe the home edition will, yes, make it more likely for you to pass when you are ready. But, before you are, we should still train, train, train to create our success.

To explain more, this is GREAT because if you take the TOEFL at home, you’ll find strong benefits.

More energy since you’ll likely be better rested. You’ll take the exam at home without having to drive to a test center and go through the entire check in experience there.

More ease since you’re in the comfort of your own home, so you’ll have less stress and most likely less distractions because you won’t have noisy neighbors around you taking the TOEFL too! HUGE BENEFIT.

But, remember, the TOEFL is STILL the TOEFL. It’s tough and demands your skills be high enough to earn your dream score. YOU CAN DO IT! Stay strong and stay focused on developing your skills to succeed and then take it and you WILL succeed!

First, we apologize for the trouble, but will take care of you 100%. Please log in with an account we created for you and other students experiencing this trouble with all our material on the old NoteFull site:

Clikc here to go to our old site.
Password: 2020success

Again, use that until we finish importing all of our material to the new site because we are phasing out the old site. That means, we are no longer doing site updates or password resets on the old site.

We hope you understand as we plan to remove the old site fully from the Internet by March 31st. The reason is that the old site was hacked and we couldn’t detect it, so it’s no longer trustworthy for us to use, as well as the fact that it served us for about 10 years with various updates and is now time to “retire.”

What you can expect is an email from us by March 20th with an invitation to create a new account with NoteFull that will have all of our material for you to study, so you will lose nothing.

For those of you who started the GOLD course before we switched sites, you will continue to receive emails with the links to all of our online classes. If you are not receiving these emails, please check you inbox one more time (spam folders as well).

If you still don’t see it, let us know and we’ll send the link to you before class, 100%. We’re here for you and will be UNTIL you earn your dream TOEFL score.

This entry was written on March 3rd, 2020, at 3:22 pm EST. As I type this, we are filling your programs with content to study. We apologize for the delay, so right now; you will see content but until March 31st, 2020, 6pm EST you won’t see all of your content.

What that means is that we’re building out all of the programs now and will do so throughout the month. That’s why all of our programs, and the programs you registered for, are 50% off. This way you have a great benefit, support us in the process of building out the new site, AND still get all the help you need. Great deal, right?

Now, what we plan to do is produce enough content so that you always have more than enough to study.

For example, by March 5th or so, you will have enough content to keep you busy even if you study 20 to 40 hours a week according to our methods. So, you will notice that your programs are filling with more pages, but you won’t be able to keep up. Does that make sense? If not, let us know and we’ll work to clear this up more.

And, just to confirm, when you register for any of our material EXCEPT THE GOLD COURSE, you will have that material for as long as you need. Your account won’t expire.

With the GOLD Course, and only the GOLD course, you are part of a monthly membership, so you pay monthly for our online classes. When you stop your membership, you lose access to both future classes and recordings of previous classes.

That’s why the GOLD Course is discounted and another important reason is that the GOLD Course is meant to be a commitment: you will follow along 100% UNTIL you pass.

So, when you pass, you cancel, and don’t need access to any of your material any more. We created this to ensure we are partnered 100% all the way to your success, and you WILL succeed with this course.

GREAT! We’re excited to work with you and support you to your dream TOEFL score, 100%.

Right now, the best way to learn about all courses AND get help you need right away, is to please register for our FREE course with the link below if you haven’t already:

Click here to register for our FREE TOEFL course.

AND, there’s an opportunity for you to get GREAT deals if you trust NoteFull and want to work with us. All of our courses right now are empty or limited in content. This is because we just launched the site.

Now, if you register for any of our courses, what you’ll see is that we’re filling them daily with powerful material for you to study. We will continue to build out the courses daily or almost daily UNTIL they are complete. They will be complete March 31st.

That’s why, right now, all of our courses are 50% off!

So, again, this month we are daily to almost daily buliding out EACH of our courses. These courses will be complete by the end of this month: March 31st. So, that’s why, if you register now, you can do so at 50% off trusting that you’ll have more content to study every day and all of your material by March 31st.

AND, know that we honor and respect your trust, so feel no worry. If you register and find that you don’t like the course, let us know within one week after we finish building it, and you’ll get a full refund. That means, that you can register any time with safety and security.

For example, if you register for our powerful DIAMOND training program, and find that you don’t like it: let us know by April 7th and we’ll issue you a full refund; no problem. It’s all about you.

We changed the website URL of our old site to: So, what you can do is the following for any link that’s not working:

1) Look at the web address (the URL) you see in your browser to copy the part that is after For example, if you click on this link. You will see the “oops, page can’t be found” error:

2) Copy the part of the URL after, which is underlined in red in the picture:

  • /content.php?pgID=1295

3) Click on this link here ( ) and place what you copied at the end of that url, so it will look like this:

As you can see, that will take you to all of your old links on the site. Also, as you can see it says “not secure” because we are phasing out the old site, which means removing it from the Internet. So, our recommendation is to simply use the site to access old links and material.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, we’re working hard to update the new site day by day so you continue to have all you need to reach your dream TOEFL score, which YOU WILL!

If you are a previous NoteFull student: By March 20th, you will receive an email with instructions on creating a new account with NoteFull that will contain all your previous content and more.

This content will include recordings of the TOEFL classes in our GOLD Course. That means, we’re giving you these recordings for FREE because of all that’s occurred and our desire to support you 100%.

However, if you (a previous NoteFull student) want to attend these courses live and you didn’t register for the GOLD Course before, you can register for it now. It will be GREAT to have you in the classes!

If you are not a previous NoteFull student, then you can attend our powerful GOLD Course online TOEFL classes by registering for the GOLD Course. Easy, right? Once you register and log in to your account, you’ll have all of the instructions there.

Please know we’ll honor this 100%. We want to make sure your 100% happy and if not as with all of our material, we’ll issue you a full refund. There are three ways we can currently issue refunds:

1) Through PayPal.

All we would need is your request submitted again and your paypal email address and we’ll work to complete all refunds right away and by no later than March 31st.

2) Through a US check.

This option is only available if you have a US bank account. All we would need is your request submitted again and the name and physical address you would like the check mailed to and we’ll work to complete all refunds right away and by no later than March 31st.

3) Through Western Union.

This option is available only to international students where PayPal is not available. This option will take the most time as it requires coordination to ensure payment process. Of course, we’ll work to take care of this as well by March 31st.

4) Through a credit to any NoteFull program.

If the above 3 options do not work, we’ll find a way to support you for the value of your refund. We expect 1 through 3 to work for all students, but in case it doesn’t, we’ll make sure you get an equal or larger credit to support you with different material.

Again, we’re here for you and will continue to do our best to ensure that your experience with NoteFull is as ideal as possible. A heartfelt thank you for your patience and understanding.

Let us know which method works for you by reaching out to us through our contact us form by clicking here.

What happened:

In mid-January we received a notification, that approximately 143 Visa cards that were reported stolen beteween 4/1/2019 – 12/9/2019—used to purchase something the owner of the card did not purchase—had a previous NoteFull purchase. This is called a common point of purchase and they alerted this to us through a representative.

This mean that NoteFull may have been hacked. We immediately shut down our shopping cart within minutes of learning this. We then started to investigate and could not find anything that showed we were hacked, but the evidence was there.

We alerted all our students who made a purchase via email and received 3 forms of communication: 1) I was not affected, 2) I was affected because my card had unauthorized transactions, and 3) I found my NoteFull email and password on a file sharing site online.

The majority of our students were not affected, but several that purchased during that time were. We are working with them to ensure that they are taken care of and we stand by them and you 100%.

Though others may feel comfortable doing harm to others for their own benefit, we are a community and will ensure that each and every student feels 100% moving forward the best we can. Students who found their emails and passwords on these sites alerted the site owners and they were taken down.

This means continue to stay alert, as usual and especially if you purchased from NoteFull between those dates, to your credit card transactions and change your passwords regularly.

In addition, be alert to any emails that intend to use your email and password to trick you into making false payments. Click here for a common scam that involves stolen emails and passwords.

Our continued response to this:

We are continuing to stay in contact and want you to 100% reach out to us if you were affected and haven’t yet with affected students, so we can help all that we can to resolve any issues resulting because of this.

As you may be aware, this pushed us to launch our current new site immediately. It took approximately 6 weeks to do this. We launched the new site Feb 24th.

From the date of notification to the launch of our site, we processed no transactions through our old site to stay safe. We suffered greatly as this brought our revenue to near 0 for that time period. However, we’re going no where and will be with you 100% UNTIL you pass and support you the best we can as we work towards success.

We found nothing but incredible teamwork in discussing this issue with students and that inspired us even more deeply to support you and the NoteFull community. In addition, it showed us that we need to extend our teamwork to involve the security of our site.

That means that we will reach out to students in the security field and in general to ensure our site remains secure. In other words, we will ensure that as the weeks and months go on, we keep security a major priority along with our support of students to reach their dream scores. The world we live in now demands this.

How our new site deals with security:

Our new site processes all transactions through Stripe, a third party service with resources that far exceed what we could ever create for security. In addition, we now use WordPress as the foundation to our site so that our databases remain as secure as possible.

By using these third party providers for our new site, we can respond faster and better to any possible issue that occurs in the future.

Learn about Stripe security.

Learn about WordPress security.

What we learned from this:

Issues like these are best prevented before they happen. That’s why moving forward we will ensure that security remains a major priority.

Our community is made up of students we deeply respect and admire. Your responses to this issue were so supportive and understanding that it raised our commitment to support you to a level we didn’t know was possible.

Our commitment was INCREDIBLY STRONG before, but it’s somehow bigger now. We’re here for you and will be UNTIL you succeed and reach your dream.

All we can ever do is move forward. And when we move forward, we decide how.

The pressure and stress that this caused was significant for us, but in that pressure and stress, we realized that we needed to move forward to communicate this to you and continue towards our own dreams:

Being the best source of online education to support you and the international community in a way that sets a new standard for all education.

-NoteFull’s Dream

It’s a big dream and we have a LONG journey ahead to get there, but it’s only big dreams that we’ve learend help us move forward stronger through challenges.

We share that so we remain transparent and also, with everything going on in the world, and that will happen, we continue to illustrate the commitment needed for you to reach your dream TOEFL score, which you will!

It was, is, and will always be an honor to be part of the team supporting you to success.