Welcome! I want to let you know that NoteFull is about something bigger than what you see here. We aim to revolutionize the concept of education by introducing the idea that just as with anything else, results matter.

Education is far more than just helping someone get from point A to point B, but there has to be a direction, destination, and determination to get a student to point B. Our revolutionary concept is: help UNTIL. Once you enter as a student, a relationship is born in which we fully commit to helping you succeed at whatever goals you have until you actually achieve them, however long it takes. Success. Is. Guaranteed.

That philosophy is where all of our success has come from: in knowing that though our material may be great as it stands, it can always be better and that any meaningful improvement comes from addressing the difficulties of our students who need more help hitting their goals by finding creative new ways to overcome those difficulties. It’s why our site and programs are continuously updated and have been throughout the years.

We have a deep respect for you, our student, and a firm grip on the trust that you place in us when you invest your time, energy, and resources in what we teach. That is why we test everything we teach every moment we teach it with every student we have. Our minds are never far from another way to express, explain, or illuminate what we must teach you to make it easier for you to improve and enjoy the process.

We believe that every moment a teacher teaches offers an opportunity to influence the student, you, positively, which is why we don’t just have a sign-up form, why we offer help not just to students who can register for a fee. We offer free help not only to introduce students to our programs but as complete help for them so that they may unconsciously notice that not every form of help should be paid for, especially when it comes to education. 

It’s why as an online test prep company, we are one of the few if not the only one that actually has a motivation page designed to be there for the student to offer help and encouragement when a teacher can’t. It’s why we have a newsletter that focuses on teaching rather than always promoting a new product. We believe that these small points have an influence on the professionals that pass through our programs.

More important than when we started (which was in 2005), or how small we were when we started (just one or two new students every week or so), or how we’ve grown (from offering only TOEFL speaking and writing help to now offering help in all sections of the TOEFL, vocabulary, and ESL)–more important than all of that is the root of what we are and what we try to do: help you in the very best way that we can. NoteFull is a teaching institution first and a business second. 

I hope you know that you’re in good hands and that your trust in NoteFull is well placed. We stand behind everything we do and everything we do is to help us better stand behind you. Success for you is on it’s way. Stay strong, stay focused, and remember that we’re always here to help. Now you know the history, the story, the mission, and the dream. Thanks for being a special part of it.

Wishing you great luck in your studies,

Joseph Miranda

NoteFull, Inc.

Founder & CEO