Your Reading Dream Score

Important Introduction to This Training Series

Step 1

Know EXACTLY what to expect on your TOEFL reading to raise your TOEFL score by watching the video below.

It will train you so you understand what you’ll need to do and your time management for every minute of the TOEFL reading section.

This training appears in all of our courses to help you defeat your TOEFL.

It appears in our upcoming Gold Course of online TOEFL classes to defeat your TOEFL:

May & June Mastery Gold Course

24 hours of live classes, 100+ hours of extra training. The perfect course to raise your score up to a perfect 120 if you want a schedule of classes to push you to study and more personal support throughout your TOEFL journey.

It also appears in our self-study TOEFL courses if you want to study on your own schedule

Our Diamond Course

200+ hours of training on all 4 sections to defeat your TOEFL. The perfect course to raise your score up to a perfect 120 if you’re comfortable studying on your own.

Our Ultra Fast Course

Designed for students who have under 50 hours to study for the TOEFL but want the highest score possible.

You’ll notice that the video references content below the video. That content is in the courses mentioned above, but don’t worry: you have the core, ESSENTIAL information to succeed if you’re new to the TOEFL or need a good review in this video alone.

Step 2

Background to This Training

Below is part 1 of 6 our most POWERFUL TOEFL reading training.

This video is the first of six videos for students to watch as part of their TOEFL reading homework for our upcoming:

May & June Mastery Complete TOEFL Gold Course

You’re asked to complete 2 out of the 6 videos before each class. This intense, focused, positive training will unlock your potential and raise your score guaranteed.

We’re sharing this with you to:

1) Help you improve your TOEFL reading right now.

2) Help you the very best training we have.

3) Excite you to join the course to DEFEAT your TOEFL this year together.

4) Help all students complete their homework before our first class.

Notice that this video is divided into chapters and comes with an accompanying PDF. Each of the 6 TOEFL reading videos is like this. When completed, you will have trained through the most in-depth and complete TOEFL training you’ll find anywhere.

See for yourself. Study this from beginning to end with full power and you’ll be one step closer to your dream TOEFL score.

Your Training to Raise Your Score

As you watch the video, you’ll notice that it’s divided into “chapters.” These chapters represent an important TOEFL lesson you need to understand and master to raise your TOEFL score.

The chapters are listed for easy reference and you can access the chapter menu of the video by clicking on the list icon shown in the image below.


Step 3

Take the next step forward by joining on of our complete TOEFL training courses below. If you’re serious about defeating your TOEFL, we will guide you EVERY step of the way to success.

Here’s an amazing success story to inspire you to know that EVERY course described below WORKS:

Asmaa shares her AMAZING journey to TOEFL SUCCESS.

She defeated her TOEFL in November of 2023 and is now moving forward with her career with joy and confidence.

She explains how she IMPROVED a POWERFUL 16 points to 105!

For guided study through online classes

Click below to learn more about and join us for our MOST successful and powerful TOEFL training yet:

May & June Mastery Complete TOEFL Gold Course

For specific help, you can register for a limited availability of spaces for individual sections.

Reading Mastery Classes Only
Listening Mastery Classes Only
Speaking Mastery Classes Only
Writing Mastery Classes Only

Here’s the breakdown of the course:

4+ hours for Masterful Studying.
48+ hours for your Homework before classes.
24+ hours of our Live Classes.
24+ hours to review our Live Classes.
24+ hours of Critical Habits. 

The practice material we’ll use in class that you’ll train with:

1 TOEFL reading (10 questions)
4 TOEFL listenings (22 questions)
1 TOEFL speaking complete test (4 questions)
1 TOEFL writing complete test (2 questions)

For our most powerful training to study alone

1) For the BIGGEST improvement

If you require a minimum TOEFL score: for example, for dentistry, graduate school, physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, teaching, etc.

Study our NoteFull TOEFL Diamond Course: Learn more and register by clicking here.

This course contains ALL of our training material for each section of your TOEFL reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

You need a minimum of 50 hours of training to benefit from this course. With 50 hours, you’ll understand the TOEFL, have improved your score in every section, and will still have plenty of the course left to complete if you need more help.

The average student will need about 300 hours to complete the course AND this course is designed for repeated review. Once you finish it, you’ll have improved your TOEFL score, guaranteed. BUT, if you need to keep improving, simply start the course from the beginning.

With this course, you will have all the practice and training you need to score up to a perfect 120 on your new TOEFL.

2) For the FASTEST improvement

To raise your score as fast as possible for a TOEFL you have coming soon:

Study our Ultra Fast TOEFL Course: Learn more and register by clicking here.

This course is designed to be completed and improve your score within 20 hours. It has enough training for you to study and review for 50+ hours.

If you plan on taking your TOEFL within 1 to 3 weeks OR will study about 50 or fewer hours for your TOEFL. THIS is the perfect course for you. If you’re planning to study for 1 or more months or much more than 50 hours, we URGE you to register for our Diamond Course.

If you have less than 20 hours to study before your next TOEFL:

Study our Free Critical Basics TOEFL Course: Learn more and register by clicking here.

This course will get you prepared as quickly as possible if your TOEFL is within a few days. Don’t worry; this will be enough so that you know what to expect and the essentials necessary to score as high as you can.

3) To strengthen your TOEFL academic English weaknesses

If you believe your academic English is weak, we must improve it through masterful grammar and vocabulary.

1) Study our Jewel TOEFL Grammar Course for the Grammar You Need to DEFEAT your TOEFL

2) Improve Your Vocabulary to RAISE Your Score with 252 Essential Basic TOEFL Vocabulary Words.

3) Improve to Raise Your Score EVEN MORE with 252 Advanced TOEFL Vocabulary Words.