Getting Started

First, a BIG WARM greeting to YOU!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Second, here’s exactly how to start working with us:

Prepare right now, to give your full effort because with that, we WILL get you to your TOEFL dream score and without that, we can’t.

With your work, family, the changes from COVID-19… know that you’re not alone and we’re here to help you positively and enthusiastically to your dream TOEFL score. We WILL get there!

We’re going to show you every step to success and take each step with you: which will take patient, focused effort–no shortcuts–from you. And, it begins now by…

1) Reading THIS page fully, which will ensure we can help you 100% to success.

2) Reading one more page that you’re linked to at the bottom of this page, which details our teaching process.

3) Selecting and registering for your ideal TOEFL prep courses, which you’ll have learned how to do by reading those pages.

If you remember the friend who recommended NoteFull to you or the last video you saw from us on Youtube (from months or years ago): one thing, we hope, is crystal clear:

We WILL help YOU every step of the way to YOUR dream TOEFL score…

So, let’s get this party started with 7 quick questions to ensure we can help YOU 100% to YOUR TOEFL SUCCESS.

Sound good?

GREAT! So, let’s discover whether NoteFull is PERFECT for you:

Answer these 7 quick questions to discover whether we’re a PERFECT match.

1. Are you comfortable working hard for your dream TOEFL score?

2. Though tough for us all, can you be patient with yourself as you learn to improve?

3. Are you ready to study regularly, every week, the best you can UNTIL you pass?

4. Are you open to ENJOYING the journey because you’ll have improved your English for the rest of your life?

5. Do you have a reliable Internet connection?

6. Are you open to being a positive part of a supportive community?

7. Are you able to commit yourself 100% to work with us UNTIL you pass?

If you answered yes to each of these quesitons, then… we’re a PERFECT match!

Know that we believe in you and will never give up UNTIL you pass. We need you to believe in us too. If you’re ready to move forward towards your success together then that means these are the words in your head now:

“Yes, I’ve done my research; I see I’m an ideal student; I’m with you UNTIL I pass, which I will!”

Your name here.

If that’s true for you…

FANTASTIC! From what you said, we REALLY are a PERFECT match!

We are with you and will be every step of the way to your dream TOEFL score!


So, what’s next RIGHT NOW to get YOU to success? Well teammate…

The next step is to learn about our 1-2-3-4 process to YOUR TOEFL success.