Your Speaking Dream Score

Your March Madness preparation starts NOW:

First, let’s discuss some important basics:

Your TOEFL speaking section contains 4 questions. You will complete all 4 within about 15 minutes. This section passes the FASTEST.

This matters A LOT and is a major reason why you’re not scoring as high as you want.

The speed requires you to be as ready to perform as a professional athlete, actor, doctor, etc.

Do you take your TOEFL speaking as seriously as a professional athlete, actor, or doctor take their profession?

If not, that’s the FIRST thing we must change: your mindset. If you do, you’ll change how well you perform and defeat your TOEFL.

Today, we WILL change your mindset.

Second, get ready to work very, very hard 🙂

At the end of your TOEFL speaking, you will have answered 4 questions and produced a total of 3 minutes and 45 seconds of recorded speech as a result. Think about that… your future depends on 3 minutes and 45 seconds of recorded speech.

You need to be GREAT right away and throughout every answer to score high and defeat your TOEFL.

There’s so little time that you need to speak with excellence from beginning to end.

That requires a deep, focused, challenging training… exactly what you’ll get right now.

First, you will listen to Joseph from NoteFull go through a complete speaking test so you know what YOU must do if you want to succeed.

Second, you will try the same questions Joseph did (you may have completed these questions before; that’s okay; do them again).

Third, you will train for 1 full hour with Joseph in an intense method that will transform how well you speak TODAY.

Fourth, you will listen to two success stories describe what it takes to defeat your TOEFL speaking.

Fifth, you will get the chance to join our 24-hour of LIVE onlince classes on the TOEFL speaking starting THIS Monday, March 14th at 8pm NY time.

If you want to defeat your TOEFL… if you REALLY want to defeat your TOEFL… complete this training and join our TOEFL Speaking March Madness classes and we WILL defeat your TOEFL!

Embrace the power of your friends’ help:

How Rana reached her dream TOEFL score and transformed a 24 to a 27 on her TOEFL speaking:

How Noha reached her dream TOEFL score and transformed an 19 to a 26 on her TOEFL speaking:

You’re now ready to study AND really improve:

Your turn to try what you just watched:

Below is the complete test. Take it again. Do your best.

Now, how did you perform? Specifically, did you answer with EVERY habit at your BEST? Checking the timer 4 to 6+ times, following your notes with your finger, understanding first and taking notes second, strong connection for topic development, strong delivery, your best grammar for langauge use, etc. In other words, are you applying everything you learned through your 12 hours of training?

If not, review, review, reivew your 12 hours of training as you train through your 6 magic habits (if you’re studying 12+hours a week) or your 10 magic habits (if you’re studying 24+ hours per week).

To help you strengthen your skills of topic development, langauge use, and delivery, train through the video below as well. We’ll practice EACH question with different timing requirements. You’ll discover even more clearly where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Let’s train for 1 hour so you can do what you saw TODAY:

First, watch the video below to understand how to do this exercise. If you do it well, you WILL improve with EACH hour you study.

Time for us to have some fun together as we get better…

It’s time to take the next step to work together:

Don’t waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars taking TOEFL tests you’re not ready for.

It can be so easy to take a TOEFL, not reach your dream score… take another… and then another and within a few months find you’ve lost over a thousand dollars and months of your life.

Don’t give your money to ETS, the company that makes the TOEFL, by paying for tests you’re not ready for.

Instead, invest in YOURSELF to defeat your TOEFL and build the English fluency that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life.

This Monday July 4th we launch your:

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