Your Speaking Dream Score

Let’s improve your score RIGHT NOW:

Take a deep breath, relax, and get ready for what may be a TOUGH truth:

1) To improve right now, commit to study 100 hours before you expect your speaking score to improve.

2) Accept that you’ll need to train the same questions over and over… which can be boring.

3) Trust that this and EVERYTHING you’re learning from NoteFull works.

If you follow the 3 points above, we PROMISE you will improve your speaking score at least 4 points.

Now, let’s train.

The first step is learning from the best source: students who already achieved the scores you want.

So, click play and watch every minute of the success stories below explaining how they and YOU can earn your dream TOEFL speaking score.

Embrace the power of your friend’s help:

How Noha reached her dream TOEFL score and transformed an 19 to a 26 on her TOEFL speaking:

How Rana reached her dream TOEFL score and transformed a 24 to a 27 on her TOEFL speaking:

Now, you’re ready to train, train, train:

Below is a POWERFUL clip from our December Gold Course on the TOEFL speaking on EXACTLY how to succeed on question 3.

If you master what you learn in this video, you will score higher on question 3 AND 4… and prepare yourself to score high on questions 1 and 2 too!

EXCELLENT JOB: time to pat yourself on the back!

What you just did was FANTASTIC and–if you remember the 3 points we started this lesson with–absolutely NOT ENOUGH.

You studied how to succeed on your TOEFL speaking from amazing success stories with special emphasis on question 3 training.

Now, you invest 98 more hours (since you invested 2 on today’s lesson) to earn 4+ more points on your TOEFL speaking.

AND, for more help from us, so you can train those 98 hours with our guidance for the GREATEST improvement in your score possible…

It’s time to take the next step to work together in December:

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