dream: 1) Goal 

Don't ever give up. Connect the TOEFL with your bigger dreams.

  • Knowing your TOEFL dream score is the easiest step. If you don't know it yet, find out by searching for the minimum scores for the universities, programs, or licenses you're applying for.


Then, write down your dream score on a sheet of paper, your "dream sheet." 


Next to your dream TOEFL score, write down all the inspiring dreams that will become possible when you get it:


- a better career,

- more financial security,

- confidence when you speak,

- the chance to study abroad,

- etc.


Tape this sheet of paper to the wall where you study so it's easy to see and inspires you to do your best every day.


And, every time you get bored, disappointed, or frustrated, look  at that sheet and remember that your taking a step closer to your dream score and dream life with every minute of study.

dream: 2) Material

Don't limit yourself. Get ALL the TOEFL material you need here.

Click the link above to start learning our most essential TOEFL material to earn your dream score now. You'll master:


- your TOEFL study plan

- the structure of the TOEFL,

- the registration process,

- test center dos and don'ts,

- strategy for every section,

- and how to get even more help.


While studying, if you feel overly frustrated and stressed out, know that it's time to take another step forward. At that point, click the link below to get a recommendation for the perfect NoteFull course for you and your exact situation:



dream: 3) Talk

Don't feel alone. When you struggle, talk to us.

Click on the link above so that you can tell us about your sitaution and everything you're going through and what your dream TOEFL score is.

We'll then craft a detailed plan and explain what to do next to succeed as quickly and confidently as possible.


Don't ever feel that you're alone in your desire to reach your dream score. Remember: we're here for you 100%.


When you are stressed, know that you are not alone.


When you don't know what to do, we'll guide you every step of the way.


And, if you feel depressed and defeated, we're here to lift you up and guide you to your dream TOEFL score. Your success is not a question; it's a fact. The only question is how long you will take to take the first step: