Morning TOEFL Speaking for July

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Our schedule for this TOEFL speaking small group tutoring:

Monday to Thursday, July 20th to 23rd, from 10am to 12pm EDT

8 power hours of TOEFL speaking to your dream score small group tutoring!

If you’re not sure about the time, please click here to see the current time in our area.

We cover the NEW TOEFL speaking section, each day, for 2 hours for more individual help, support, and practice to your dream score with Joseph of the NoteFull team!

—Monday, we’ll improve on the new question 1;

—Tuesday, we’ll master the new question 4 and review what we trained for question 1.

—Wednesday, we’ll focus on question 3 and review what we did for question 1 and 4.

—On Thursday, we train question 2 intensely and crystallize what we learned for all questions with a focused review of 1 through 4.

The result of this kind of focus will be that you can perform under TOEFL conditions to get your dream score and absolutely, 100%, feel confident in your permanent improvement by the end of the week!

Why get small group tutoring for your TOEFL dream score?

Jump on the express to success train with small group tutoring!

No matter where you are right now, you WILL move forward and get closer to your dream TOEFL score with small group tutoring.

6 CRITICAL points to know whether small group tutoring is right for YOU:

1) We regularly take the TOEFL.

We regularly take the TOEFL to ensure everything we teach stays accurate and we took the new TOEFL on August 3rd and continue to stay up to date with it. You’ll be getting the best, most accurate support from us here as with all of our training material.

2) We use the app Zoom to work together.

In small group tutoring, we use the app Zoom to work together. Don’t worry; it’s easy to use and after registering you’ll be sent a link the Friday or Wednesday before your small group tutoring starts with a link to join the class at the scheduled time.

3) Small group tutoring is limited to only 6 students.

Small group tutoring is limited to only 6 students, will involve the same kind of disciplined practice together that you’re used to in classes, and will be super personalized!

4) Each 2-hour session will be recorded for review.

Each 2-hour session will be recorded for later viewing for you too. You’ll have these recordings for as long as you need them. Your access won’t ever expire.

5) Small group tutoring is ONLY open for current students.

Small group tutoring is ONLY open for current students who have studied a specific self-study course or class or received tutoring with NoteFull before. This ensures everyone is at an equal level to jump right in and overcome ALL your challenges.

6) All sessions use different material.

All sessions use different material, so you can register for as much help as you need and KNOW that you’ll always receive MORE practice, training, and support to get your dream score.

EXACTLY what small group tutoring is like:

Take a look at a previous speaking small group tutoring session.

Take a look at a previous small group tutoring session on the TOEFL speaking. Not only will you see how it works but you’ll also learn just as the students did to improve your speaking to earn a higher TOEFL speaking score on your next TOEFL.

This was the 2nd session together.

Click to download the PDF used in class.

The investment to join to reach your dream TOEFL score!

Small group tutoring is 30/hour.

The NoteFull TOEFL SPEAKING Small Group Tutoring will contain 8 hours: that’s 240. BUT, again, OF COURSE, as one of our most dedicated students we’ll continue to provide the best discount possible. 20%! That means you save 48 dollars.

So for only 192, you’ll have 8 hours of help with Joseph and other students just like you, who have studied with NoteFull and are ready to jump in and improve right away.

$240 $USD 192.00

Morning TOEFL Speaking for July



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