• Beginning Again

    When the revolution in Egypt began in 2011, Shaymaa started down a different path. She would do programs like Start-Up Weekends and consult entrepreneurs both on and offline. She found that doing this kind of work left her feeling much more satisfied and fulfilled. So she started to research how she could continue down this path…

    “To do that, I figured out I needed to go to a business school in the US. My goal is to go to Stanford because Silicon Valley is the role model of entrepreneurship. They want a TOEFL of 100…”

    Shaymaa’s challenge was finding the right TOEFL resource for her. She prepared with other TOEFL prepwork at first. Her sister had recommended that she use NoteFull prior to her first test. But Shaymaa preferred resources that had a more interactive style to them. So she stuck with another online resource with its own methods. One that had the interactive style she was looking for.

    Unfortunately though, the highest that she could score was an 86. She enjoyed the interactive learning system they had. But she was frustrated with her results…

  • Finding Help

    At this point, Shaymaa decided to look for a solution elsewhere…

    “After finishing the exam and overcoming my dejection, I decided to assess NoteFull rationally. I watched all the YouTube videos and read all the free resources on the NoteFull website, then I made the decision and bought the 3-Step TOEFL Mastery program. I had a very tight schedule because I was approaching one of my deadlines and I have a full time job that consumes at least 9-10 hours a day. I adopted the NoteFull approach and put together a 3-week schedule.”

    She was surprised by some of NoteFull’s methods. She was a little doubtful about whether they would work or not…

    For example, the program told her not to practice too many questions. Instead, she needed to study the same question many times. She had trouble wrapping her mind around this at first. But after listening to Joseph’s videos and reading the lessons she decided to follow the program 100%. She put her full faith in us and didn’t miss a single step!

    “The first improvement that I noticed was being able to solve some of the reading questions, which felt like rocket science to me, such as paraphrasing questions. My biggest weakness was the reading section and that was mainly because my thinking process was slow, so I couldn’t finish all the questions in the allocated time. After mastering NoteFull’s reading strategies, I became capable of finishing all the reading questions in time by being methodical.”

  • On Their Way

    In just 3 weeks with NoteFull, Shaymaa was able to raise her reading score from 16 to 27! Not to mention she got a total score of 106! Now she has the freedom to apply to many different graduate programs across the US. 

    Shaymaa is a prime example of how even in less than a months’ time you can greatly improve your TOEFL scores. Even if you think you’re too short on time, we can help!

    “After I practiced this method more and more, I find it incredible how I was able to improve!”

    Congrats, Shaymaa! We’re sure that Stanford would love to have you!

    Reading: 27, Listening: 28, Speaking: 27, Writing: 24
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Shaymaa. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

    You can check out what Shaymaa used to succeed on the TOEFL below:

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