• Beginning Again

    Mariam started her TOEFL journey in February of this year. Her challenge was that she had no idea what to expect from the test. So, she decided to go in for her first attempt without studying. Even without any prep she earned a 23 in the speaking section. But her scores in the other 3 sections needed some work.

    She started using the online ETS and TPO practice tests to get ready for her next attempt. But they weren’t proving to be very helpful to her. They weren’t giving her the details or the personal touch she needed to improve her scores.

    “…talking about official tests, I tried to see the videos on the YouTube. They don’t tell you anything about the answer…If you compare their YouTube videos, there’s a big difference between NoteFull and other resources, because they are telling the details and using the reviews of other students. Also, the free materials that they provide to the students that encourage them and give them the idea of what to study and what they need to focus on.”

    Thankfully, she was a part of a group of TOEFL students on Facebook that guided her in the right direction.

  • Finding Help

    While searching for a solution, Mariam read a lot of positive comments about NoteFull in the Facebook group. So she decided to check us out. She found our Wednesday Review videos on YouTube very useful. Then she jumped in and got the Complete TOEFL Mastery program and ESL Power. Using her new resources, she prepared for her next attempt.

    When she went in for her second test on July 2nd, her scores had improved. But not enough to meet the requirements. And her speaking score was still stuck at a 23…

    Mariam could’ve easily let this affect her will to keep going. It’s never easy getting those kind of results. Especially when one of your scores is stuck after you’ve spent hours and hours studying. But she didn’t lose hope. She trusted herself. And she put her full trust in NoteFull.

    Mariam saw this as an opportunity to work even harder. And that’s exactly what she did! She studied for 10 hours a day for over a month and a half. She also signed up for a week long Group Class on speaking and reading with Joseph. She feels that the individual focus she received in the Group Sessions was vital to her success. 

    “…if [class] is till 3 and we’re not done, he extends the time and this is really awesome. Like a group or a business to do that. They care about their students…I can tell you that the transformation was because of the group sessions. It was very helpful. It was very useful. It was amazing. He gets into the point that we need to get our dream score. I’m really thankful for NoteFull.”

  • On Their Way

    Building a study schedule is such a big part of preparing for the TOEFL. Mariam put together a great system for herself. That coupled with the support from the group sessions was the perfect recipe for her success. She went in on September 7th and passed the TOEFL on her 3rd try! But that’s not the only great news she got that day…

    On that very same day she also found out that she had been accepted for a position at a hospital! Dreams really do come true if you believe in yourself and put in the work. Since she’s already passed her FPGEE, she intends on fulfilling her intern hours at the hospital and eventually becoming a fully licensed pharmacist! Excellent work, Mariam! We’re so proud of you 🙂

    Here are Mariam’s final words to you: 

    “First, trust yourself. Don’t lose hope, because I’ve seen people did it like 20 or 30 times and they did it finally. Each time you’re taking the test, you’re improving. This is a fact. And then trust the material you are studying. Trust NoteFull. Go to a group session…to focus on your weakness, to point out all your weaknesses.”

    Reading: 27, Listening: 23, Speaking: 26, Writing: 24
  • Here For You

    Mariam’s position of getting stuck at a 23 in the speaking section is very common. We have students come to us all the time who need to bump their speaking scores up to that hard-to-reach 26. But even just raising it by 3 points from 23 to 26 can be incredibly difficult.

    You really have to know what the TOEFL graders are looking for. And you have to be able to craft a strong, well-rounded answer within the time limit or else your score will suffer…

    That’s where we come in.

    At NoteFull, we know EXACTLY what the graders are looking for in your speaking responses. And we teach students every day how to answer in a way that makes the timer work for them, not against them.

    If you need help in the speaking section or any other section of the TOEFL, we are here for you. We have the tools and the expertise to guide you to your dream scores and open the path to the rest of your life!

    So if you’re ready to get started, you can check out the links below:

    June GOLD Course for ALL Sections – Our June GOLD Course is the updated version of the Saturday Classes and Magic Course that Vivian took. Click to learn more and see how you can reach your dream scores this summer!

    Diamond Training for ALL TOEFL sections – This is the new version of the Complete TOEFL Mastery program. Click to see how we’ve improved it and how it can help you reach your dream scores!

    The JEWEL: Grammar Training & More – This is the updated version of the ESL Power vocabulary course that Mariam used. Click to discover how it can completely transform your grammar and vocabulary skills!

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