• Beginning Again

    As with many students, Magdalena’s challenge was finding the right resource for her. She tried many different approaches, but none of them seemed to help…

    “First I started off spending 6 months working with 2 teachers who had backgrounds and experience with the TOEFL, but my scores did not go up. So then I started to study by myself. I went on Amazon and bought these TOEFL preparation books created in Europe. 16 of them in total! Still, my scores weren’t really moving upwards with my self-study. I even tried attending a 1-month TOEFL training seminar in Atlanta, but that didn’t work either.”

  • Finding Help

    Finally, while searching for a solution, in the spring of 2016 Magdalena caught wind of NoteFull. She met a fellow dentist who was also from overseas and he shared with her the success he had thanks to NoteFull.

    She went straight home after that and looked up our website. She watched the 3 videos of Joseph on the front page and found them very helpful…

    But life has a way of distracting us sometimes. She went back to focusing on other things. She got caught up in her daily life. And NoteFull drifted to the back of her mind for a while. It wasn’t until 6 months later that she remembered the good things she’d heard about us. That’s when she decided to jump in!

    Here’s where the story gets really good. Magdalena joined our Complete TOEFL Mastery + Tutoring + Review program on November 1st, 2016. Prior to that, her TOEFL scores were: 

    Reading: 20, listening: 23, speaking: 22, writing: 24, for a total of 89. 

    And her dream score to apply for dentist school was 100. 

    “After I registered, I started to study the program intensely. Like really hard! I loved the tips and strategies, like creating flash cards to study the different question types in the reading and listening sections…I also decided to register for 9 more Tutoring Sessions because I found them so helpful. In total I had about 10 or 11 of them with Mathew. We covered all the parts of the TOEFL. I remember for the speaking section, he helped me so much with Questions 1 and 2. Instead of giving general information, he helped me to develop specific examples. He helped me to visualize my examples.”

    These powerful tutoring sessions turned out to be the key to her success.

  • On Their Way

    After just 31 days with NoteFull, Magdalena went in and beat her previous score by 11 points! Just 1 month’s time! And she hit the exact score of 100 that she was hoping for.

    To improve so much in such a short amount of time just goes to show how dedicated and focused she was. As well as the power of the programs and tutoring that NoteFull has to offer.

    Now that the TOEFL is behind her, Magdalena is getting ready for her practical dental exam. And she’s in the process of applying to dental school. She plans to start in September 2017!

    “There are so many TOEFL books out there, so many strategies that different people will tell you are the keys to success. But it was only with NoteFull that my scores finally moved upwards. I wish I had found it earlier, but I’m glad I finally did!”

    We’re glad you did too, Magdalena! Your story is truly inspiring 🙂

    Reading: 25, Listening: 24, Speaking: 23, Writing: 28
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Magdalena. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

    You can check out what Magdalena used to succeed on the TOEFL below:

    Diamond Training for ALL TOEFL sections – This is the new version of the Complete TOEFL Mastery program. Click to see how we’ve made it even more effective and start studying with confidence!

    TOEFL Speaking Small Group Tutoring – This is our new version of the tutoring sessions and reviews that Magdalena had. Small group tutoring is our most powerful resource, so be sure to click the link to see what it can do for you!

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    Your success IS coming too!

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    We’re here to help and will support you UNTIL you pass. We want to be one of the FIRST to congratulate you when you earn your dream TOEFL score. And, when that happens, we can’t wait to invite you to be our next success story so YOU can inspire 100s of others just like Magdalena.

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