• Beginning Again

    Krishna started studying for the TOEFL in late July of 2018, and her test was on September 29th. She was nervous because English wasn’t her native language. And she didn’t have very much time to prepare.

  • Finding Help

    Thankfully, while looking for a solution, she found NoteFull that summer. She bought our Complete TOEFL Mastery program and was able to greatly improve. But she still wasn’t fully confident in her skills. So she chose to sign up for 8 One-on-One Tutoring sessions with Nayyer.

    Before her first session, Krishna took the TOEFL once and was able to get her goal scores in all sections except for the speaking. She scored a 23 but she needed a 26.

    This is often the case for many of our students and can be very frustrating. But those results told Krishna and Nayyer exactly what they needed to focus on in most of their sessions.

    During the first 5 classes they worked hard to find her strengths and weaknesses in each of the 6 speaking questions. They used each class to break down a few different question types. Nayyer gave her specific practice exercises based on what she needed to work on. She would answer a question and they would break down her response together. 

    In the last few sessions they moved their focus to the writing section. Nayyer would give her essay questions as homework, and Krishna would send in her responses. Then they would look over her answers together. Checking things like word count, structure, grammar, punctuation, and sentence flow. They made sure Krishna was following the right strategies for success.

    Nayyer is very knowledgeable and he helped me to improve in my weak areas. He is very focused and teaches to the point. It’s only because of him I got scores of 24 in writing, 27 in speaking, 23 in reading and 20 in listening. I would’ve never achieved my dream scores without Nayyer’s help.

  • On Their Way

    Just 2 months after she started studying, Krishna took the TOEFL a second time and smashed her old speaking score! She shot up from a 23 to a 27. An amazing improvement in such a short time!

    “My only advice to all Toefl aspirants is to practice at least 5-6 hours a day, stay focused, follow all tips and strategies given by Notefull in their complete toefl mastery and take their personal tutoring sessions.”

    Great job, Krishna! And best of luck in New Jersey!

    Reading: 23, Listening: 20, Speaking: 27, Writing: 24
  • Here For You

    We know you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL. But if you’re missing the right tools for the job it can be difficult. That’s why we put every ounce of our over 10 years’ worth of knowledge into crafting each one of our programs.

    No matter how hard it may seem, we’re here to keep you on the path. The path to your dream scores!

    To get started, check out the links below to discover what Krishna used to succeed on the TOEFL:

    Diamond Training for ALL TOEFL sections – This is the new version of the Complete TOEFL Mastery program that Krishna used. Click to see how we’ve improved it to help you reach your dream scores even faster!

    TOEFL Speaking Small Group Tutoring – This is our new version of the one-on-one tutoring sessions that Krishna had. Small group tutoring is our most powerful resource, so be sure to click the link to see what it can do for you!

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