• Beginning Again

    Justin needed to take the TOEFL so he could sit for the NCLEX-RN. The NCLEX is a notoriously hard exam that nursing students need to take to become licensed registered nurses. Because Justin was a foreign graduate, he needed a total score of at least 84 on the TOEFL, and no less than a 26 in the Speaking section. This was all just to make him eligible to take the NCLEX. So once he defeated the TOEFL, he would have a whole new challenge ahead of him…

    When he first started out, Justin didn’t really know how to prepare for the TOEFL. So, he used self-study material to get ready for his first attempt this past June. Just by studying by himself he was able to earn some incredible scores:

    R24, L28, S23, W26

    An outstanding first try! He crushed the total score requirement by 17 points. But his Speaking score was still lacking. Unfortunately, he would have to wait to move forward with his career…

    “I was devastated because I thought I’m proficient enough.”

    **This is one of the main reasons why students don’t get the help they need. Especially those students who are just starting out. English skills are important for the TOEFL. But the TOEFL is much more than that. That’s why it’s vital to get help from people who truly know the TOEFL.**

    He had done very well studying by himself. But he knew he couldn’t expect better results by studying the same way he did before. He needed more. 

  • Finding Help

    Luckily, while searching online for a solution, he found someone on Instagram who posted her dream TOEFL scores. He saw that one of the comments asked her for help. And she told them to go to NoteFull.com. Once he saw that comment, Justin wasted no time going to the NoteFull website.

    He was pleased with how easy the website was to use. And he liked how it was loaded with free tutorials. It gave him hope and made him excited for the future. But there was just one problem:

    His next attempt was just a few days away. There wasn’t enough time to prepare. He went in for his second test and still couldn’t pass. The results crushed him. He thought he might never get the scores he needed. But then he thought back to why he started in the first place. He knew he couldn’t stop now…

    “Every day I tried to pick myself up. Reminding myself that I can’t give up because if I do, I won’t be able to take a shot in the NCLEX-RN. I won’t achieve my dream if I will quit.” 

    It took him some time, but Justin built up the confidence to start studying again. He went through all of NoteFull’s free tutorial videos. This time putting emphasis on the Speaking section. The videos taught him vital things he needed to know about the TOEFL like:

    • How his answers would be rated
    • How to attack each question
    • How to allocate his answer time
    • And how to take notes

    He was armed with a clock, a recorder, paper and pencil. And he ran through all 6 tasks as many times as he could. 

    “at first, I stuttered and ran out of words. But I knew that I should be easy on myself. Patience is the key.”

    Justin went in for his third attempt feeling a little less confident than he would’ve liked. But he didn’t let it affect his performance. He saw this attempt as his last chance.

    “I gave it everything I got!”

  • On Their Way

    Even before he got his results back, Justin let out a huge sigh of relief. He had done everything exactly the way NoteFull had taught him. He put 100% into that attempt. He did his best to stay positive and not let any negative thoughts get the best of him.

    When he finally got the email saying that the results were out, he prayed with all his heart…

    “my heart was beating like crazy and my hands were shaking uncontrollably.”

    But when he clicked “View Scores”, all the anxiety and stress melted away. There they were. The scores that he had worked so hard for. The scores that he had been dreaming about…

    A 27 in the Speaking section with a total score of 110! Now he could move on to the NCLEX and be that much closer to becoming a registered nurse!

    Congrats, Justin! You did your absolute best and stayed positive. Now your story can inspire hundreds of other TOEFL students just like you wanted!

    And to anyone who’s having trouble with the TOEFL, here are Justin’s words of advice for you:

    “1. NoteFull is really helpful!

    1. Great things take time.
    2. Things worth having don’t come easy.
    3. You don’t need to have new materials in order to practice well.  Just keep answering the same questions and see your improvement.
    4. If you believe in yourself, you’re halfway there.”
    Reading: 27, Listening: 27, Speaking: 27, Writing: 29
  • Here For You

    We know you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL. But if you’re missing the right tools for the job it can be difficult. If you are, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so you can earn your dream score. Contact us at StudentHelp@notefull.com.

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