• Beginning Again

    Victoria’s challenge was learning exactly what to expect from the TOEFL and how best to approach it. At the start of her journey she wasn’t familiar with it at all. She scheduled her first TOEFL for the end of August 2019. Her English was pretty good at the time so she thought if she had a couple weeks to prepare that she would do just fine. She studied the official TOEFL book to learn the structure of the test and then went in for her first attempt.

    But she quickly found out what it means to underestimate the TOEFL…

    Victoria bombed her first try!

    The official TOEFL book gave her a basic idea of how the test is laid out. But beyond that, “the book was awful.”

    She found that some of the information in the book wasn’t very accurate. It was even wrong at some points. And there were no useful details or strategies to learn either.

    “But with Joseph he was bringing up more. A more personal approach. Like what to expect. Something which you’re not going to find in the book. I knew that I could trust him…”

    In September, Victoria stumbled upon NoteFull’s YouTube videos…

  • Finding Help

    From watching the videos she quickly began to trust that NoteFull was the solution she needed. She noticed a lot of improvement in all sections of the test. The strategies she learned were very helpful, but her speaking score still wasn’t cutting it…

    She needed a 26 to pass, but on her next two TOEFL attempts she was stuck at 24-25. She was starting to lose hope, and she was incredibly stressed. She hadn’t worked for 6 months so the financial burden of taking the TOEFL was weighing heavy on her mind. She thought she might never get past the TOEFL.

    By this point, Victoria had only used our YouTube videos to study. But knowing that her speaking score was stuck, she finally decided to go to our website. She knew she would need more professional help if she wanted to get her dream score. 

    She found our 12-Step Speaking Mastery Course and signed up immediately. She only had a few weeks before her 4th attempt on December 7th.

    “My focus was to improve my speaking because it was my weakest section…I felt like I was kind of frozen or paralyzed, so I learned the skills on how to handle the stressful situation and bring up the best of me.”

    Victoria really struggled with the time limits in the speaking section. Having so little time to talk about something you don’t know about was very stressful for her. 

    But the self-study classes filled her with confidence!

    She loved how calmly Joseph spoke. Listening to him talk taught her how to pace herself when speaking. She even mimicked the way he spoke and found it very helpful.

    At the time leading up to her test, Joseph was offering free classes on the speaking section. So Victoria took advantage of those as well. 

    “I believe that in my personal opinion that Joseph’s classes were great. Even just the self-study. That gave me self-confidence as well as trained me for the test. I think I just basically listened to Joseph…and I don’t regret it. Every single word he was saying was useful. And sometimes I thought maybe that it wasn’t going to work, but well, I was wrong and he was right. So basically my advice is just to listen closely to what he’s saying, and just work hard, practice and it will benefit you. Because it did benefit me. And I wasn’t really a believer until that.”

  • On Their Way

    On Dec 7th, Victoria went in for her 4th TOEFL attempt. But she didn’t think she would pass. In fact, she even signed up for the Golden Treasure Chest Course beforehand so she could keep studying for her next test!

    But this time, she didn’t underestimate the TOEFL. She underestimated herself! 

    Victoria finally reached her dream score of 26 in the speaking section. And she got a total score of 92!

    But studying for the TOEFL didn’t just improve her test scores. It improved her life too! Victoria had an interview for a nursing job recently, and she noticed some key differences about how she answered the questions they asked her…

    Before her time with NoteFull, she wasn’t confident. And it was hard for her to come up with examples when they asked her questions.

    But after her training, she found that she was sharper. Faster. She could come up with examples quickly and easily. The way she thought was much more efficient. And she was impressed with herself!

    As you should be, Victoria. We’re so proud of you! And we know you’ll go on to do great things as a nurse 🙂 Congrats!

    “I’m grateful and thankful that this happened to me because I feel that my overall English kind of improved in some ways, and the way I am thinking because they train you in a broad variety of subjects, so I think I basically just know more now…I got smarter even.”

    Victoria is now enrolled in University courses and looking to work her dream job as an RN in Pennsylvania. We wish you the best of luck, Victoria!

    Reading: 25, Listening: 20, Speaking: 26, Writing: 21
  • Here For You

    Whether you’ve never taken the TOEFL before and need it for nursing,

    —or have taken it more times than you can count for pharmacy,

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    —or all sections for dentistry,

    —or need to improve a little for teaching,

    —or A LOT for graduate school,

    —or any combination that’s stressing you out…

    Take a deep breath, relax, and click here to read our getting started page with care. By the end of that page, you’ll know your next steps to your TOEFL success with NoteFull.

    If you’re a current NoteFull student, take a deep breath, relax, and KNOW you will succeed JUST like Victoria. Keep following your courses and keep attending your monthly Gold Course of online TOEFL classes.

    We CAN and WILL get you to your dream score!

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