• Beginning Again

    Vanan’s dream is to study Computer Science at a top university in the United States. But his challenge was that he had never taken the TOEFL before. So he knew it was going to take a lot of effort to get the scores he needed.

  • Finding Help

    Vanan was lucky enough to find his TOEFL solution early on. To start his journey, he signed up for NoteFull’s 12-Step Speaking Mastery program. He later decided to upgrade to the 12-Step Speaking + Review package.

    Vanan gave himself the lofty goal of getting a perfect 30/30 in the Speaking section. And he set out to get better from the start. 

    He began sending in Speaking Practice Tests in December of 2012. On his very first one he was able to score a 24-26/30! He spoke clearly and smoothly. He had great pronunciation too. But he spoke too fast. And he also had trouble with note-taking, which badly affected his timing. Vanan would have his work cut out for him if he was going to reach his goal!

    That’s when his instructor, Megan stepped in. She gave him hours of homework that targeted his weaknesses. Thanks to her help he was able to greatly improve his talking speed. And he sharpened his note-taking skills too. On his next practice test, Vanan scored a point higher! 

    He saw that he was making progress so he kept his study routine going. He would submit a new practice test once every 5-7 days. Often times students don’t know what to work on because they’re unsure of what they’re doing wrong. They’ll submit official practice tests only to get numerical scores back with no reasons as to why their answers were wrong. Or what they can do to improve. 

    That’s why NoteFull reviews are so powerful. Vanan’s TOEFL ended up getting pushed back a month. So he continued practicing. He signed up for 2 more reviews over a 2 month period. During that time he sent in 10 practice tests. And with each test he got advice on how to get better. He was given activities to work on his weak points. And each time he would study them for 15-20 hours. As you might expect, Vanan did better every time.

    By February of 2013, his practice test results came out to a 27-29/30. That’s a 3-6 point improvement in just 2 months!

    Now it was time for his true test…

  • On Their Way

    Vanan went in for his TOEFL and absolutely crushed it! He got a total score of 108 with a 29 in the Speaking section! Great work, Vanan!

    How did he do it?

    He said that going through the homework was key. Following the suggestions of the instructors was a big help as well. He feels that NoteFull is the best way to prepare for the TOEFL. Mainly because of the accurate TOEFL practice questions provided in the programs as well as the unique feedback. But he said what really sets NoteFull apart is the personal support he received. The inspiring videos helped him keep his head in the game. And the recorded tutoring sessions with Joseph gave him a strong sense of confidence.

    Vanan feels that NoteFull has made him a better learner and a better student, not to mention a better English speaker!

    Congrats, Vanan! You deserve your spot as our very first Student of the Month. And we wish you nothing but the very best in your Computer Science career!

    Reading: 26, Listening: 24, Speaking: 29, Writing: 29
  • Here For You

    Just like for Vanan, finding your weaknesses and working to strengthen them is a huge part of passing the TOEFL. If you’re not sure why your scores are suffering, then it can be very difficult to improve. 

    That’s why every one of our programs is built on a strong foundation of over 10 years of experience helping students just like you to conquer the TOEFL. We design each and every one of them using the knowledge we’ve gained over the years identifying our students’ weaknesses.

    So, if you’re struggling with a certain part of the TOEFL, no matter how big or small, we can help!

    As you may know, we launched our new site just a couple months ago in February of 2020. But we’ve improved a whole lot more than that…

    In addition to the site update, we’ve also launched updated versions of our TOEFL prep material!

    We are always updating our TOEFL resources to make them as effective as possible. We are able to refine and improve our programs because of all the wonderful feedback we get from students just like YOU!

    Because of this, the names of our programs have changed over time. So, the names of the resources you’ll find below are the new-and-improved versions of what Vanan used to succeed on the TOEFL:

    TOEFL Speaking Self-Study Training–This is the new version of the 12-Step Speaking Mastery program that Vanan used. Click on the link and you’ll discover how it’s improved and how it can help you start boosting your score TODAY!

    TOEFL Speaking Small Group Tutoring— *This is the updated and improved version of the direct email reviews Vanan received, which we no longer offer. During these small group tutoring sessions, you will receive personal help, feedback, and guidance to transform your skills.

    This is our most powerful form of feedback available. Click on the link to learn about how it works, the schedule, and why almost EVERY recent NoteFull success story has improved through small group tutoring.

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    Your success IS coming too!

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