• Beginning Again

    Shomoa’s challenge was that she needed to score a 100 or higher to achieve her goal.

    She kicked off her TOEFL journey by joining a local prep course. And she took her first shot at the TOEFL in June 2014. But she was only able to earn an 81. 19 points away from her goal. She had to try again…

    When she got her results back the second time, she got the same EXACT score. Another 81. She was stuck. A feeling that many of you may know all too well.

    “I felt disappointed and disabled. In my head I thought it is very tough and I wouldn’t ever get 100.”

    She knew something would have to change if she was going to score over 100.

  • Finding Help

    That’s when she decided to look online for a solution…

    “I started to search in the Internet how to study for the TOEFL until I found NoteFull. Finally, I found my treasure.”

    Shomoa wasted no time signing up for the Complete TOEFL Mastery program. She also registered for one-on-one tutoring. She then worked hard to take full advantage of her new resources. Especially the tutoring sessions with Mathew…

    “He is wonderful. He helped me out to figure my weak points, how to focus on the important things in speaking, and manage my time.”

    The sessions gave her the confidence to go in for her 3rd attempt. This time she raised her score by 9 points for a total of 90. Finally, she was improving! You can imagine how relieved she felt to finally be unstuck…

    “I was very happy. Climbing the ladder step by step, but at the same time, the deadline for universities was approaching.”

    After her 3rd attempt, Shomoa went back to where she started with NoteFull. She dove right into the Complete TOEFL Mastery program. Focusing on every word and detail.

    She soon realized she would need more help in Speaking and Writing. So she quickly signed up for Speaking and Writing reviews. That’s when the NoteFull Team stepped in.

    Lauren checked in on her to see where she needed help. Together they thought it best that Shomoa take one last session. She was just one week out from her next test. But the final session changed the game for her…

    “The final session changed my thinking totally. I started to believe in myself more. I added energy to my speaking, which was very important to succeed.”

    We all know how important support from our families and friends can be. Shomoa was lucky enough to have a strong support system. Her husband and parents were with her every step of the way. And their support inspired her to work even harder.

    She studied 4 hours every weekday leading up to her final test. She put in every ounce of effort she had. And thanks to all her hard work, she was ready.

    “All the time I said to myself I can do it, I took the exam and really it was very tough, but I used NoteFull strategy in every section with energy and focus.”

  • On Their Way

    And she was right! Shomoa went in and got a total score of 100! Now she can pursue her dream dentistry career. We’re so proud of you, Shomoa!

    Here are her final words to you:

    “You have to believe in yourself and in your capabilities. I removed the word “impossible” from my dictionary; it doesn’t exist anymore. You should follow each strategy in NoteFull as it is proven by many students. Success is coming. If there is something you have to do then you must do it in a perfect way. Tell yourself you can do it … Yes you can. Don’t let the negative energy affect you and your studying. Study with smile even if it’s tough. Sometimes, I passed hard days but the most important thing to know is how to overcome these hard days. I would like to wish you all good luck and I thank the amazing team of NoteFull. You are wonderful and deserve the best.”

    Reading: 26, Listening: 26, Speaking: 23, Writing: 25
  • Here For You

    We know you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL. But if you’re missing the right tools for the job it can be difficult. If you are, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so you can earn your dream score. Contact us at StudentHelp@notefull.com.


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