• Beginning Again

    Sai’s challenge was that she needed to get high scores on each section of the TOEFL to pursue her dream of getting her pharmacy practitioner license. On top of being a full-time graduate student and having a part time job…

    Coming to the States from India about 2 years ago, she started studying for the TOEFL in 2018. She had some experience with the IELTS, but not with the TOEFL.

    Unsure where to start, she asked a friend who took the TOEFL already. Her friend told her about: NoteFull’s Complete TOEFL Mastery self-study program.

    And by November of last year she signed up for it.

    Sai studied on her own using our program for a couple months, but she needed to clear the TOEFL by April of this year.

    So she decided to get a little more help…

  • Finding Help

    She started searching online for a solution, and that’s when she found our tutoring sessions.

    Currently, to support EVEN MORE students with EVEN MORE transformational hours of work together, we teach students in POWERFUL small groups where each student  already studied NoteFull material carefully. Visit your “More TOEFL Help” section in ALL of our NoteFull TOEFL programs to learn more AND register if you’re ready.

    She signed up for 3 tutoring sessions with a member of the NoteFull team in January. In these sessions, we walked her through the keys to success in the speaking section of the exam…

    “Together, we went over 3 different question types for the TOEFL speaking section. He gave me some additional clarification and explanations for how to structure my response. For example, with Question 3 it’s really helpful to connect the reading’s first supporting point with the speaker’s first reason. We also talked about how the reading in Q3 doesn’t always come with two reasons. Sometimes there is one reason and one strategy for how the change is going to be achieved. With Question 5, he told me about how it’s not enough to simply summarize the conversation. You have to make some points about WHY you like one of the solutions. Be comfortable letting your own imagination and creativity come out!  For Question 6, he showed me a way that you can save so much time by summarizing the introduction part into just 1 sentence that doesn’t take you longer than 10 seconds.”

    Sai saw such great progress after her first 3 sessions that she signed up for 4 more. Over the course of February and March, we worked with her to help her master the writing section. Through working with her, we found that she needed to connect her body paragraphs more to the main idea in Q1. Also, her Q2 essay needed more details to relate her example to the key points in the question.

    For Q1, it turns out that she had all the right answers in her notes. She just needed to connect what she wrote in her notes to the main argument when she wrote her essay. We showed her how to properly expand on what was in her notes in her essay, while still making sure to wrap in the main point of the argument.

    For Q2, we taught her the importance of focusing on the key points in the question more than the secondary ones when making examples. That way she had plenty of time to connect her essay to what the question was really asking.

    It’s little things like these that often keep students from getting their dream TOEFL scores. That’s why tutoring is so powerful AND important!

  • On Their Way

    On April 13th, after months of hard work and 2 failed attempts, Sai was able to get her dream scores on her 3rd try! But she didn’t just improve on her previous score…

    She destroyed it!

    Before her 3rd try, her highest score was 100. This time, she scored at least a 26 on ALL sections of the exam. And her total score was 108!

    In just a few months’ time, Sai was able to get her dream scores with NoteFull. Now she’s free to get right to work at her dream job as soon as she finishes her pharmacy internship!

    “…they were with me all the time until I got my dream scores… Also, they gave me great motivation which helped in building confidence to perform well. Being a full-time graduate student who also works part-time 20 hours, it wouldn’t be possible for me to get my dream score without Notefull.”

    Sai had every excuse not to study and work hard for her dream scores… But she’s not that kind of person and, we know, neither are you. She is a shining example of dedication, hard work, and determination. And her strong desire to get better will no doubt help her achieve her dreams. Congrats Sai, we’re so proud of you!

    Reading: 26, Listening: 28, Speaking: 27, Writing: 27
  • Here For You

    Now, it’s your turn! Know that you can achieve the same or even better results by staying committed to your goal and never giving up. No matter how short or long your journey has been, it will end and we’ll be with you EVERY step of the way UNTIL you get your dream TOEFL score, so start with:

    Diamond Training for ALL TOEFL sections – This is the new version of the Complete TOEFL Mastery program that Sai used. Click to see how we’ve made it even more effective and start studying with confidence!

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    Your success IS coming too!

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