• Beginning Again

    Ruaa started her TOEFL journey with these scores:

    Reading: 13, listening: 13, speaking: 20, and writing: 17

    Naturally, she felt defeated. When we fail, it feels permanent. And when we fail again and again, it can feel hopeless. But Ruaa had faith in herself. She knew that if she took the time to develop her skills she could get her dream scores and put the TOEFL behind her…

    Like many students, Ruaa’s challenge was time management.

    “I had difficulties in organizing my schedule between my home, full-time job, and my daughter. So, I was stealing time to study…I studied in the morning when it was quiet.”

    She studied for 40 hours a week. Despite her busy schedule she made time whenever she could. Even if it was just for 10 minutes on a Monday morning.

    Many of our students don’t have the time to study for 40 hours a week. But we encourage you to adopt Ruaa’s method of “stealing” time whenever possible. She studied for about a year and a half. But only seriously for about 8 months. And she feels that it was her determination that was the key to her success…

  • Finding Help

    As soon as she found NoteFull, Ruaa trusted that she had found her solution. She studied on her own enough to know that she needed some outside help to get her dream scores as soon as possible. 

    She always made sure to tune in for our Wednesday Review videos. And eventually signed up for Tutoring Sessions with our trained TOEFL experts.

    The one-on-one sessions really helped to strengthen her focus. She learned what her weaknesses were and how to consistently correct them. 

    “I took tutoring with Joseph, Lauren, and Mathew. All of whom are wonderful. They really helped me with the TOEFL speaking section.”

    She also made sure to read through all the NoteFull success stories whenever she had time. No matter how busy you are, taking time to keep yourself motivated is a huge help. Tackling the TOEFL is hard work. And if you’re not motivated, it makes your journey that much harder. Reading through success stories is a great way to keep your head in the game. And always remember to keep your end goal in sight! The TOEFL is just a stepping stone on the path to your dreams. It’s not the destination!

  • On Their Way

    Thanks to her patience and sacrifice, Ruaa was finally able to get her dream scores!

    Over the course of a year and a half, she took the TOEFL 10 times. But it was the qualities she developed in herself during her journey that she feels helped her succeed. She learned to be patient, stay focused, and believe in herself. She also made the sacrifices she needed to make time for her studies. 

    Now she can confidently move on to the next step toward becoming a pharmacist in the United States!

    “I encourage students to keep practicing and never give up…Believe that the TOEFL is doable!”

    Reading: 24, Listening: 26, Speaking: 26, Writing: 24
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Ruaa. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

    You can check out what Ruaa used to succeed on the TOEFL below:

    TOEFL Speaking Small Group Tutoring – This is our new version of the one-on-one tutoring sessions that Ruaa had. Small group tutoring is our most powerful resource, so be sure to click the link to see what it can do for you!

  • Share your story

    Your success IS coming too!

    Review these success stories often to keep you inspired. Study the advice each success story gives for specific guidance. Register for the NoteFull courses you need to get your dream TOEFL score. And, stay in touch with us every step of the way.

    We’re here to help and will support you UNTIL you pass. We want to be one of the FIRST to congratulate you when you earn your dream TOEFL score. And, when that happens, we can’t wait to invite you to be our next success story so YOU can inspire 100s of others just like Ruaa.

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