• Beginning Again

    “I started studying for the TOEFL in 2008, but just by myself. I had a book that I used to guide me. I got a 22 in speaking and a 21 in writing. I thought, oh wow I only need 4 more points for the speaking, this is not going to take long!”

    But Rouba was stuck in a situation that is familiar to many students. She would quickly come to find out that going from a 21 to a 26 in the speaking section is a huge challenge.

    She started looking for new TOEFL resources to educate herself. That’s when she came across a series of YouTube videos created by people claiming to be TOEFL experts. But she wasn’t able to get her dream scores. Even after taking the test 11 more times!

    “I was never able to get that score of 26 for speaking. I tried so many strategies. I took private classes with tutors on Skype. I attended classes at a state college in New Jersey that focused specifically on the TOEFL. It cost $1500 for 2 hours per week of classes, for 6 weeks, and they were not very professional. So, afterwards I was stuck at 23.”

    But that wasn’t her only issue. Rouba couldn’t seem to manage to score consistently in the reading and listening sections. She would get her goal scores in these sections on one attempt. But not on the next. By 2013, she finally decided to put her TOEFL journey on hold. Her scores had fallen short so many times. And her FPGEE score had expired the year before. She needed a break…

    A few years later in 2016, Rouba got back on the path to success. She passed her FPGEE in the spring. And then she started volunteering at a local pharmacy in the mornings. This was a big step for her…

    “You have to understand that I was very shy when it came to expressing myself in English. I had a real lack of confidence. But then slowly, through all these conversations with customers, I began to notice that I was getting better and better.”

  • Finding Help

    In her free time, Rouba started to browse online forums for a solution. She visited one that pharmacists from around the world used to talk about the TOEFL. And she started to notice that NoteFull seemed to be a popular resource among the users.

    Following their positive reviews, she signed up for our free TOEFL emails. And she was pleasantly surprised by how easy the lessons were to use. By October 2016, she decided to sign up for the Complete TOEFL Mastery + Tutoring + Review program. She was learning a lot from the free emails. But she needed to know what her weaknesses were and how to work on them.

    She studied throughout October and took her next TOEFL in November. This time she was able to get her goal scores in every section but the speaking! She scored a 24 so she didn’t have far to go. But she knew she needed the tutoring sessions to make the last push to her dream scores.

    “I had a session with Mathew and then a session with Nayyer in early January. They helped me to work on strategies, like being specific with my examples in my responses to speaking questions 1 and 2, and also what to focus on for each speaking response. Also, how to develop my examples in the Independent writing essay. I felt much less nervous afterwards.”

    As it turned out, the tutoring sessions were just what she needed!

  • On Their Way

    Her newfound confidence made all the difference on January 14th, 2017. Rouba was finally able to get her dream scores in all 4 sections and pass the TOEFL! This was a huge step on her journey to becoming a licensed pharmacist. And putting the TOEFL behind her filled her with happiness and relief!

    Her advice to her fellow TOEFL students? Practice speaking English as much as you can in your everyday lives. Develop your confidence for your test day. Use NoteFull strategies and have total faith in them!

    Reading: 25, Listening: 24, Speaking: 26, Writing: 24
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Rouba. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

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