• Beginning Again

    Ricardo’s challenge was juggling the MBA application steps with his TOEFL studies. His first TOEFL attempt was on November 16th. To prepare, he used the TOEFL Official guide. He was worried most about the Speaking section. So, he thought he would take a few practice tests before his first test. But without any guidance it was hard for him to know if he was going about his studies the right way. 

    When he took his practice test he was able to score as high as 24. An awesome first score! But he would need to score higher to reach his goal.

  • Finding Help

    Leading up to November 16th, he started searching online for a TOEFL solution. That’s when he stumbled upon NoteFull’s free strategy videos on YouTube.

    Ricardo was struck by how engaging and easy to follow the videos were. He said to himself:

    “Those strategies can actually work.”

    From then on, he put his full trust in NoteFull. He mastered the Speaking and Writing templates. He memorized our proven methods. But his first test didn’t go as well as he had hoped…

    He felt that he wasn’t mentally ready for all the different TOEFL sections. The Reading section was a big source of stress for him. And his anxiety affected his overall performance. Despite all that, he was still able to earn a total score of 100! An amazing first try! But he knew he needed to keep studying with NoteFull to get to where he wanted to be.

    After his first TOEFL, Ricardo poured over NoteFull’s free videos for a month. He worked hard to ingrain our methods in his mind. By the end of the month, he felt much more comfortable with each type of question. And he felt a huge boost in confidence!

  • On Their Way

    The support Ricardo received from NoteFull coupled with his hard work carried him to success on his next attempt. He raised his score by 11 points for a total of 111! And he got a whopping 29 in the Speaking section! Now he can apply to any MBA program he wants! Like London Business School or Wharton. 

    Congrats, Ricardo! You deserve it! We wish you nothing but success 🙂

    “my TOEFL score gave me motivation and endurance to finish with great enthusiasm my applications until the end of the year. I feel now much more motivated to retake my GMAT exam too.”

    Here’s what Ricardo has to say to you future TOEFL success stories:

    “The path to success is a lot of effort and strategic planning and also resilience by never giving up. If you have a busy life you must have a thorough plan that will be your guide every day and will help you manage everything. So, as a mentor of mine used to say: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. You have to have a goal, every day you must aim to do something. With the TOEFL is pretty much the same. Assess which are your weaknesses and strengths and plan to spend the most time you can in your weak areas. In the end and with a lot of effort the results will surely show up”.

    Reading: 28, Listening: 28, Speaking: 29, Writing: 26
  • Here For You

    We know you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL. But if you’re missing the right tools for the job it can be difficult. If you are, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so you can earn your dream score. Contact us at StudentHelp@notefull.com.

  • Share your story

    If you have something to celebrate, let us know! We’re always looking for stories to inspire other on the TOEFL journey.

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