• Beginning Again

    Natthawute S. is a computer science student from Thailand. He signed up to take the TOEFL so he could go to graduate school in the US. But he got some incredible news before his test date:

    He had been awarded a full scholarship to a computer science program in Tokyo, Japan! Better yet, the program didn’t even require that he take the TOEFL! But he didn’t give up on it…

    “I kept preparing for the TOEFL to be prepared for graduate school. Even though the program is in Japan, it is done in English. I needed to prepare my English for graduate school, even though I wasn’t using my score for admission.”

    Natthawute actually visited the US before deciding to take the TOEFL. He’d been to Texas, Louisiana, and New York. He had some experience studying English on his own as well. But his challenge was that the TOEFL was brand new to him…

  • Finding Help

    While searching for a solution online, Natthawute happened upon NoteFull on YouTube. After going through some of our videos he decided to jump in. He started out by signing up for our Complete TOEFL Mastery program. Later on he decided to get both a Speaking and Writing Review as well. 

    The TOEFL was one of the most difficult tests he had ever faced. But he worked hard and stayed in touch with NoteFull throughout his journey.

  • On Their Way

    When he took his test, Natthawute was able to score a 102! Amazing!

    “After I took the TOEFL and got a good score, I wrote a blog about how I took the TOEFL, starting with how I applied for a TOEFL course in my country and how it didn’t work out and how I bought a lot of books and they only work out so well as well. Then, I found NoteFull and I got a pretty good score. Most of my friends say 100 is a super-good score and I wrote a blog about that and everything about the test center. At the end of my blog I said:

    ‘The good score I got, I give all the credit to NoteFull because without them, I don’ think I could take more 100. It would not be possible fore me. If you are interested in NoteFull, click this URL and I will get a little money, but if you don’t want to click, just search for NoteFull and then study, register, and take a course with them. I had success with NoteFull.’ “

    If you’re unsure, Natthawute is talking about NoteFull’s affiliate program. Any student who has found TOEFL success with NoteFull can join. You’re going to want to spread the word to all your friends and loved ones when you get your dream scores. Whenever you tell them, you’ll likely mention NoteFull and how we helped you on your journey. As an affiliate, we’ll give you a special URL that you can send to anyone who needs to pass the TOEFL just like you have. You can use it on your website, social media, emails, and more! Whenever one of your friends clicks on the link and signs up for a NoteFull program, you’ll get 10% of the cost of the program! This is our special way of saying thank you for spreading the word 🙂

    “After a while, I forgot about this blog. Suddenly, I remembered and I checked to see how the referral thing was going and I found out I got over $300 from this program!”

    As it turns out, Natthawute made WAY more money from NoteFull than he spent on the program that he bought. TOEFL victory AND a nice chunk of change. Sounds like a great deal, right? Your TOEFL journey can look just like this too! When you get your dream scores with us, don’t forget to ask about the affiliate program!

    Reading: 24, Listening: 25, Speaking: 26, Writing: 27
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Natthawute. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

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