• Beginning Again

    As you may know, many international schools require a TOEFL score of at least 100. This was Mohammad’s challenge…

    So, he began teaching himself English!

    “The first 12 months I just spent learning the basics of the English language. I completely taught myself from essentially zero. I taught myself how to speak, how to write, and then after that I started to focus on how to pass the TOEFL.” 

    Mohammad used Barron’s to improve his reading and listening skills at first. But they weren’t able to help him with speaking and writing.

  • Finding Help

    Thankfully, while searching for a solution, a friend of his showed him NoteFull at the end of the summer of 2016.

    Mohammad started out slow by signing up for a Writing Review. He sent in his essays and got direct feedback on how to improve them for the highest possible score.

    We suggested that he use our Writing Mastery program, so he signed up for that as well as our Complete TOEFL Mastery program. That way he could round out his skills for all 4 sections of the test.

    “Then I took the exam this past April and I got a score of 97. So close but still a little short! But my reading and listening scores were 28, such a huge improvement. I realized that I needed more help than the program could give, so I decided to start having tutoring sessions.”

    Mohammad worked with Mathew and Nayyer all through May to strengthen his writing skills. This was his weakest area, so they put all their focus on major issues that he was having. He learned to add detailed examples in his Q2 body paragraphs rather than just having a lot of reasons.

    Mathew and Nayyer showed him some tips on how to improve his language as well. They taught him not to use “and others” at the end of a sentence. Also, he learned that he was using “can” and “should” incorrectly. To clear this up, they taught him to just use simple past instead.

  • On Their Way

    On June 3rd, Mohammad took the TOEFL again and improved his writing score by 9 points! Scoring high in the reading and listening sections as well, he was able to exceed his goal score by 5 points for a total of 105!

    Now, Mohammad is moving on to take his GRE. And if all goes well, he’ll be starting his PhD program in September of 2018!

    The advice Mohammad would like to leave everyone with is that NoteFull resources are not magic. Mohammad has been a teacher before. And he found that the best part about NoteFull is the way the videos, programs, reviews, and tutoring all serve to guide people to success. You have to put in the work yourself. But we’ll be there with you every step of the way!

    Reading: 27, Listening: 28, Speaking: 23, Writing: 27
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Mohammad. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

    You can check out what Mohammad used to succeed on the TOEFL below:

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