• Beginning Again

    Milad’s journey began in late 2016. At the time, he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to pursue his degree abroad or at home in Iran. So he took his first TOEFL in September just to see how he would do.

    He studied using the Memrise app to strengthen his vocabulary. And about a week before his test a friend of his told him about NoteFull. So he started going through our YouTube videos as well. 

    Just from studying with those 2 resources alone, Milad was able to earn a total score of 93 on his first attempt with a 21 in the speaking section. And without taking a single practice test. Amazing!

    It would be some time before he took the TOEFL again, however. In mid-2017, Milad applied to be a Teacher’s Assistant at Stony Brook University in New York to see what options they would give him. But they required a higher speaking score than he had gotten on his first try. In fact, he needed to score just 1 point higher to qualify.

    So in June of 2017, he went in for his second attempt. This time, he scored a 22 in the speaking section! His reading and writing scores were lower than the first time. But he was still able to meet Stony Brook’s score requirements.

    Milad was happy with his results. He had qualified for the TA position. But he was still unsure whether or not he wanted to study abroad. So he decided to keep his options open.

  • Finding Help

    Around 2 years later, he had come to the decision that he wanted to study abroad in the US. By this time, his previous TOEFL scores had expired. 

    So he signed up to take his 3rd TOEFL on November 17th 2019. Only this time, he invested in 2 of NoteFull’s TOEFL Mastery programs. The 12-Step Speaking Mastery and 12-Step Writing Mastery programs.

    The templates he learned from these programs were incredibly valuable. He learned how to develop strong reasoning in his answers and how to build upon his examples. Especially when it came to the writing section. He was able to develop his examples in each paragraph of the writing section to write 600 words!

    Another thing that helped him get his mind in gear was NoteFull’s pool of topics. One month before his test, Milad started doing 20 of them per day. He would do one as if it were speaking Q2. Then the next he would do as if it was the new version of speaking Q1. And the next would be for writing Q2. This really strengthened his ability to develop ideas in a wide range of topics. And more importantly, it made him much less stressed about those questions on his test!

    Armed with his new skills and templates, Milad felt ready to take down the TOEFL once and for all.

    But on November 17th, there were protests going on in Iran. The internet actually got disconnected so he couldn’t go in for his test. To his dismay, it ended up getting postponed until December 7th…

    This was just 3 days after Milad was scheduled to take his GRE! So he was forced to study for 2 huge exams at the same time. Needless to say, he was VERY stressed. 

    Luckily enough, he had a friend who had the 12-Step Reading and 12-Step Listening programs. So they pooled their resources and studied for the TOEFL together.

    Milad rose to the challenge. He wasn’t going to let any test get in the way of his dreams. He mastered the templates that NoteFull taught him and went into his 3rd attempt with confidence!

  • On Their Way

    Milad’s results were nothing short of amazing. He got near perfect scores in 2 out of the 4 sections with an overall score of 107!

    Thanks to his hard work, he can now be accepted into a wider range of universities in the US! Now that he’s done with the TOEFL, he has more time to focus on his graduate studies. And he is currently applying to more universities to expand his options as much as possible. But he still has his eyes set on Rice University in Houston.

    Awesome job, Milad! We know you’ll go on to do great things 🙂

    Struggling with the TOEFL? Here’s Milad’s advice:

    “Stick with the program. Practice a lot because mastering the templates is the most important thing for the TOEFL. And it has been a lot easier this version of the TOEFL than the previous TOEFL with 2 or 3 more reading questions than before. So I think just sticking to the templates and studying vocabulary will boost their scores a lot.”

    Reading: 29, Listening: 29, Speaking: 23, Writing: 26
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    We CAN and WILL get you to your dream score!

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