• Beginning Again

    Luka’s challenge was that he wanted to prepare for the TOEFL all by himself. But his parents wanted him to get direct help. So they signed him up with a private tutor in late 2018. They paid quite a bit of money so he could work with her for 3 months in hopes that he would get a high score.

    She promised him that he would score over a 115. But her students’ highest scores were only in the 80-90 range. And as it turned out, she didn’t really know what to teach him to get such a high score. In fact, she gave him tips on the writing section that ended up hurting his score.

    Around the new year, Luka found NoteFull through a TOEFL Facebook group that he was a part of. He saw a lot of positive comments about how NoteFull had helped other students get their dream scores. Many of which had scored over 100 just like he wanted to. So he started going through our YouTube videos and studying on his own using NoteFull’s tips and tricks. But he was still working with his private tutor at the time. And she encouraged him to do things her way instead…

    On April 13th of 2019, Luka took his first TOEFL. Despite the poor advice from his tutor, he was still able to score a 96. But he wasn’t satisfied…

    He wasn’t going to stop until he scored over 100!

  • Finding Help

    After his first attempt, Luka was frustrated. His family had invested a lot of money in a tutor that promised great results. But in the end she couldn’t deliver on her promises. So, he chose to leave the tutor and look for a solution elsewhere. That’s when he decided to put his full trust in NoteFull. 

    He set up his next TOEFL for July 28th, so he had about 2 months to prepare. He knew that his reading and writing skills needed the most work. So he signed up for our 12-Step Writing Mastery program and our 3-Step Reading Mastery program.

    “Once when I was using one of the templates, I wanted to ask if this template was good or not. I emailed NoteFull and they quickly replied. That’s one of the good things about NoteFull. They care about their students and once they ask for the help they quickly respond.”

    Throughout May and June, his confidence grew tremendously. He was pleased with how far his reading and writing skills had come in just two months’ time. By late July, he felt that his dream score was within reach.

  • On Their Way

    On July 28th, Luka went in for his second attempt and smashed his first score by 15 points! On his first TOEFL he scored a 21 in the writing section. But this time he raised it all the way to 28! Not to mention his score of 29 in the reading section and a perfect score in the listening. Amazing!

    Luka would like to share the following advice to anyone currently studying for the TOEFL:

    “They need to be calm. Not to get nervous on the exam because that’s what happened to me when I was doing the speaking section. And just trust NoteFull. They really know what they are doing.”

    Moving forward, Luka is signed up to take his SAT on the 5th of October. And he plans on starting his search for colleges in the US.

    We wish you the best of luck, Luka! Congrats!

    Reading: 29, Listening: 30, Speaking: 24, Writing: 28
  • Here For You

    It’s not easy to find a reliable TOEFL resource. Just like Luka, we’ve had so many students who have worked with teachers and used courses that simply don’t know the TOEFL well enough. And their scores suffered as a result.

    This can hurt your confidence and your willingness to keep working towards your dreams. You might even be going through this right now…

    If this is you, we want you to know that you came to the right place.

    No one knows or teaches the TOEFL quite like us. 

    So you can rest assured that when you join the NoteFull team, your success is guaranteed. Just like Luka’s was.

    If you’re ready to get started now, you can check out the programs he used:

    TOEFL Writing Self-Study Training – This is the updated version of the 12-Step Writing Mastery program that Luka used. Click the link to see how our new and improved program can help you raise your writing score!

    TOEFL Reading Self-Study Training – This is the improved version of the 3-Step Reading Mastery program. Follow the link to see how the updated program can help you boost your reading score!

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