• Beginning Again

    On her first attempt she got a total score of 56. She then spent the next 2 and a half YEARS preparing on her own. A huge testament to her focus and dedication. She took online TOEFL classes through an India-based company. But she still wasn’t able to meet any of her goal scores during that time. This was Gira’s challenge…

  • Finding Help

    After 29 months of struggle, she finally found her solution. She came across NoteFull in August of 2015.

    Starting with our free resources, she worked hard to improve her skills. With our free content alone she was able to raise and consistently hit her goal reading AND listening scores! But she knew she needed more help for the other sections.

    That’s when she signed up for our Speaking and Writing Mastery programs that also include Reviews and Tutoring, and ESL Power.

    Towards the end of 2015, Gira eagerly studied the programs she had bought. And she started her tutoring sessions with one of our TOEFL tutors, Nayyer. By the new year she had already locked down her writing score as well! But getting the speaking score she needed would prove to be the longest part of her journey…

    She was taking the TOEFL every two weeks. Desperately trying to pass. As the weather got colder, it seemed her feelings got colder to match. She was starting to give up hope on getting her dream speaking score…

    “’Maybe this is a sign that I need to move on with my life,’ she told her husband, at the time. ‘I should have gotten a 26 by now. Maybe it’s just not meant to be.’”

    Gira even stopped her tutoring sessions during the early summer months. But her husband gave her the support she needed. With his help, her resolved returned and she started her tutoring sessions up again. This time with Joseph, who gave her some helpful advice:

    “He told me to stop taking the test every two weeks, that it was a distraction which prevented me from fully focusing and improving. Then, I remember what day it was: October 21st. I was feeling stressed out and nervous, and Joseph worked on some breathing exercises with me. I remember that after that session I felt a kind of confidence I had never felt before.”

  • On Their Way

    Soon after her tutoring sessions with Joseph, her dream finally came true. Gira took her final TOEFL and reached her goal scores in all 4 sections! After TWENTY-SIX attempts. She finally got the exact speaking score that she wanted! A 26! 

    Over 3 and a half years…What an incredible journey! After all that time, this is what she’d like to share with you:

    “If there’s one thing I learned from this whole experience, it’s to never give up, no matter how bad things seem. There’s always a path to success if you work hard enough and get the right kind of help. With Joseph, we attacked issues specifically, and in detail. We would do the same exercise over and over during a session, so that I developed good habits. It can seem strange, but have faith in his expertise. He’s helped so many students reach their goal scores, so he knows what he’s doing.”

    Now Gira can say she’s successfully climbed Mount TOEFL and stuck her flag at the top! And there’s no stopping her now. We know that whatever challenges she’ll face in the future, that she’ll come out strong on the other side! We’re so proud of you, Gira 🙂

    Reading: 23, Listening: 23, Speaking: 26, Writing: 27
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Gira. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

    You can check out what Gira used to succeed on the TOEFL below:

    TOEFL Speaking Self-Study Training – Our Speaking Self-Study Training is the updated version of the Speaking Mastery program that Gira used. Click to learn more and discover one of the programs that helped her get her dream scores!

    TOEFL Writing Self-Study Training – This is our new and improved version of the Writing Mastery program that Gira used. Click to discover how you can skyrocket your writing scores with our proven methods!

    TOEFL Speaking Small Group Tutoring – This is our new version of the speaking reviews and tutoring sessions that Gira had. Small group tutoring is our most powerful resource, so be sure to click the link to see what it can do for you!

    TOEFL Writing Small Group Tutoring – This is the new and improved version of the writing tutoring and reviews Gira signed up for. Small Group Tutoring is the best way to improve your skills to get your dream scores, so click the link to learn more!

    The JEWEL: Grammar Training & More – This is the updated version of the ESL Power course that Gira studied. Click to discover how it can completely transform your grammar and vocabulary skills!

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