• Beginning Again

    Dina knew exactly what she was shooting for. Her challenge was just figuring out how to get there. She compared different TOEFL prep sites and services. But once she found NoteFull, she knew she had found the path to success.

  • Finding Help

    “After taking a glance at many other TOEFL books I thought that the exam is very sophisticated, but with NoteFull I was very fascinated by the simplicity of their strategies and the way they presented the information.”

    Dina had found her solution. So, she decided to dive right into the Complete TOEFL Mastery program. She studied by herself for some time until she felt ready to take her first TOEFL. When she got her results back, she had scored a 20 or above in each section. But she still wasn’t able to reach the cut off.

    Dina had all the right strategies. But she wasn’t quite sure how to properly apply them all. Like many of you, it was hard for her to know what to do without some direct support. Also, the Speaking section was the hardest part for her. But it was hard to know where she needed improvement when she was going over her answers by herself.

    It can be very stressful when you feel stuck and alone in your studies. We encourage every one of our students to reach out whenever they feel confused or frustrated. Even if you haven’t purchased one of our programs and you’re just reading our success stories to see if NoteFull is right for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will work with you to find the best possible path to your TOEFL success.

    Dina was frustrated and couldn’t figure out what she needed to do to boost her scores. We talked options with her and decided that tutoring sessions would be the best way to go. So, she signed up for 2 tutoring sessions. She didn’t know it just yet, but these sessions would be the key to getting her dream scores!

    She attended the first session and learned what was holding her back in the Speaking section. She needed to work on her tone of voice and delivery. And after just ONE session, her Speaking score skyrocketed!

  • On Their Way

    Dina didn’t just hit the minimum Speaking score. She beat it by 2 points! Her total score was a 97 with a whopping 28 in the Speaking section! Great work, Dina! Jumping from a 22 to a 28 is nothing short of amazing 🙂

    “Seeing my second speaking score was shocking because I couldn’t believe that students can improve that much in such a short time course. The funny thing was even after I learned that I passed this test, during the nights I still dreamed about it for so many times because my brain couldn’t believe that I was able to score that high in the speaking section.”

    Sometimes using self-study programs is enough. But other times all it takes is just a little hands-on help to get that winning score. In Dina’s case, she only needed one tutoring session to push her over the edge and get her dream scores! 

    Here are Dina’s parting words to you:

    “Follow NoteFull’s recommendations and strategies and they’ll definitely guide you towards the right path. From my perspective, the test doesn’t rely on fortune and the fact is if you want to improve in any section you need to recognize your mistakes and work on avoiding them by practicing. Even though I was always tempted to do so many practice tests because I though it is the key to success. I strongly believe that I was wrong and that doing the same group of practice tests over and over is much more effective than trying new ones because this what make you become more confident. Try your best to sound very confident in the test and never give up on your hopes.”

    Reading: 22, Listening: 25, Speaking: 28, Writing: 22
  • Here For You

    We know you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL. But if you’re missing the right tools for the job it can be difficult. If you are, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so you can earn your dream score. Contact us at StudentHelp@notefull.com.

  • Share your story

    If you have something to celebrate, let us know! We’re always looking for stories to inspire other on the TOEFL journey.

    Please send us an email with your story of success to StudentHelp@notefull.com.