• Beginning Again

    Barbara bought the official TOEFL prep course and started studying for an hour each day. She worked throughout her TOEFL journey, so managing her time was a real challenge for her.

    Using the TOEFL prep material helped her boost her reading and listening skills. But she wasn’t getting any feedback on her speaking and writing. So she wasn’t sure if she was on the right track.

    In February, she signed up for her first TOEFL. She felt confident in all areas except for the speaking. The New Jersey Board of Physical Therapy calls for no less than a 26 in the speaking section. So, she was a little nervous about being able to score that high. But when she got her scores back, she hit all of her target scores except for the writing!

    After her first attempt, Barbara needed to focus on coursework not related to the TOEFL. But time was running out. She was set up to take a Physical Therapy course in August. And she really wanted to pass the TOEFL before taking the course.

  • Finding Help

    Luckily, while searching for a solution a week before her test in late July, she found NoteFull…

    She had seen one of our YouTube videos before taking her first test. So, she was a little familiar with our methods. But this time she decided to get more involved:

    “I contacted a friend who had been in the same situation that I was in, and asked for help. She had studied using the NoteFull method, and had achieved success. So 5 days before second TOEFL test, I bought a Writing Review from the NoteFull website, and submitted my Question 1 and Question 2 essays. The review I got back from Nayyer was beyond what I could ever expect! Instead of giving me vague feedback on improving “vocabulary” or “punctuation”, he gave me very specific help; Nayyer sent me an audio recording with instructions! The score I would have gotten from those essays was 20-22. So, after that review I had a couple of days to work on my writing before the exam, using the tips I got from NoteFull.”

    Unfortunately, the test didn’t go very well for Barbara…

    She found it extremely hard to focus during the listening section. And the speaking and writing sections were much harder than she expected. By the end of the test, things were so bad for her that she thought about canceling the score. But she turned it in anyway…

  • On Their Way

    It’s a good thing she did, too. Barbara not only surpassed her goal writing score by 4 points. She beat her goal scores in the other 3 sections too!

    “I want everyone to know that without NoteFull’s help for the TOEFL exam, I wouldn’t have gotten the score I needed to get my Physical Therapist license. I got direct guidance on how to improve my writing score, I followed it, and I couldn’t be happier!”

    Now, Barbara is free to take the next step in her career: passing her National Physical Therapy Exam! Best of luck to you, Barbara!

    Reading: 27, Listening: 23, Speaking: 27, Writing: 28
  • Here For You

    We’ve helped countless students get their dream TOEFL scores, just like Barbara. And we WILL help you get yours. Have faith, and never give up, because we’ll never give up on you!

    You can check out what Barbara used to succeed on the TOEFL below:

    TOEFL Writing Small Group Tutoring – This is our new version of the Writing Reviews that Barbara received. Small group tutoring is our most powerful resource, so be sure to click the link to see what it can do for you!

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