• Beginning Again

    Shabnam’s test results at the start of her TOEFL journey were:

    R21, L18, S22, W22

    Her challenge was raising her scores to the pharmacy board’s standards. She studied by herself for a little while after her first attempt. Then she decided she needed some outside help. 

  • Finding Help

    Shabnam turned to the internet to search for a solution and was lucky enough to find NoteFull. So she joined as soon as she could.

    She signed up for a wide array of NoteFull programs. Including tutoring sessions and reviews:

    • 12-Step Speaking Mastery + Tutoring + Review
    • 12-Step Writing Mastery + Tutoring + Review
    • 3-Step Reading Mastery
    • 3-Step Listening Mastery
    • ESL Power
    • 3-Week Vocabulary

    She put her full faith in NoteFull’s professional instructors and made sure to keep in contact with them. She let them know whenever she was feeling good about her studies and when she was feeling frustrated. 

    This is a key to success that we want you to use as well! Everyone has bad days. Everyone needs help sometimes. We want you to lean on us for support just like Shabnam did. We’re here for you whenever you need us. When you stay in touch with us, you’ll find that you have the confidence you need to overcome the TOEFL.

    Shabnam used the advice we gave her to build a strong study schedule. Throughout the week she would study for 20 hours. And she would bump it up to 40 hours whenever she had a test coming up. But making time to let yourself rest is just as important. That’s why she made sure to use the weekends to take a step back from her studies and unwind. 

    A lot of times we can go through a period where we simply don’t feel like moving forward. We lose our motivation. Shabnam went through this from time to time. She could feel when it happened. And her performance showed it. That’s when she realized something:

    Her goal should be to keep her study schedule as consistent as possible. Even when she didn’t feel like it. No matter how upset she was. Even if it was just for an hour. 

    This is another powerful key to success that Shabnam found. This helped keep her skills sharp. When you keep up with your schedule you keep your confidence up! We urge you to follow her example on your TOEFL journey.

    Shabnam’s main problem was her fluency. She put in a lot of hard work to break the bad habits that were holding her back. It took a lot of effort to focus and improve her fluency enough to pass each section of the test. Especially the Speaking!

    The support she received from our team of instructors was absolutely vital to her success. The tutoring sessions and reviews allowed her to see everything that needed improvement. They helped her breakdown all the obstacles in her way. Now her path to her dream scores was clear!

  • On Their Way

    Shabnam checked her scores on the ETS website on September 20th and got the news. Several months of hard work and 7 attempts later. She had beaten the TOEFL! 

    She was over the moon with excitement: An open future is waiting…

    We’re so excited for you, Shabnam. You put your trust in us and worked hard. Best wishes in your new career 🙂 About NoteFull, she says:

    “NoteFull is the best program on the planet to be prepared and pass TOEFL. Period.”

    And her parting words of wisdom to all of you:

    “NoteFull is really professional in its field. It knows exactly what the students need to learn and improve. It tells you whatever you need to know–I mean EVERYTHING, you need to know to pass the exam. It motivates you whenever you are down, it’s always with you and you never feel loneliness in the difficult path of passing the exam.”

    Reading: 28, Listening: 27, Speaking: 26, Writing: 25
  • Here For You

    The Speaking section is by far the most troublesome section for TOEFL students. But like Shabnam’s story shows, with a strong study schedule and a lot of faith, nothing is impossible!

    NoteFull guarantees your TOEFL success. But we are much more than that. We are your support system. We give you the tools to get your dream scores. More importantly though, we give you the courage and confidence you need to succeed. Just like Shabnam did. And if she can, so you can YOU!

    As you may know, we launched our new site just a couple months ago in February. But we’ve improved a whole lot more than that…

    In addition to the site update, we’ve also launched updated versions of our TOEFL prep material!

    We are always updating our TOEFL resources to make them as effective as possible. We are able to refine and improve our programs because of all the wonderful feedback we get from students just like YOU!

    Because of this, the names of our programs have changed over time. So, the names of the resources you’ll find below are the new-and-improved versions of what Lizbet used to succeed on the TOEFL:

    Self-Study Material: TOEFL Speaking Self-Study Training *This is the updated version of the 12-Step Speaking Mastery program, TOEFL Writing Self-Study Training *This is the new version of the 12-Step Writing Mastery program, TOEFL Reading Self-Study Training *This is the updated version of the 3-Step Reading Mastery program, TOEFL Listening Self-Study Training *This is the new and improved version of the 3-Step Listening Mastery program

    English Strengthening: The JEWEL: Grammar Training and More *This is the new version of the ESL Power program, Beginner TOEFL Vocabulary *This is the updated version of the 3-Week Vocabulary program

    Tutoring: Small Group Tutoring

    Support: FREE Course for all TOEFL sections *This is the updated and improved version of the direct email reviews Nazilya received, which we no longer offer.

  • Share your story

    If you have something to celebrate, let us know! We’re always looking for stories to inspire other on the TOEFL journey.

    Please send us an email with your story of success to StudentHelp@notefull.com.