Azra C

R: 23, L: 21, S: 26, W: 24

JULY 2014 – PHARMACY. It’s the best time of the month here at NoteFull! Our Student of the Month this July is none other than Azra C. from Bosnia-Herzegovina!  Like …


Hadeel I.

R: 21, L: 20, S: 27, W: 25

JUNE 2014 – PHARMACY. Are you ready for another inspiring success story? We know we are! This June we are celebrating Hadeel I. from Palestine! Hadeel was taking the TOEFL …


Mena S.

R: 26, L: 30, S: 26, W: 25

MAY 2014 – PHARMACY. NoteFull is happy to introduce you to May’s Student of the Month: Mena S. from Egypt! Mena is a pharmacy tech with dreams of working in …


Oana Irena Belu

R: 21, L: 23, S: 28, W: 25

APRIL 2014 – PHYSICAL THERAPY. Welcome to our April Success Story! This month NoteFull is proud to present Oana I. from Romania! Oana was working hard so she could get …


Abdulmajeed Muhammad Kabir.

R: 26, L: 26, S: 28, W: 30

MARCH 2014 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. NoteFull’s Student of the Month this March is Abdulmajeed K. from Nigeria! Congrats, Abdulmajeed! Abdulmajeed was studying for the TOEFL so he could apply to …


Camilla B.

R: 26, L: 27, S: 27, W: 27

FEBRUARY 2014 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. NoteFull is excited to present our Student of the Month this February: Camilla B. from Brazil! Camilla is just one of our many truly hard-working …


Ricardo dos Santos Neves

R: 28, L: 28, S: 29, W: 26

JANUARY 2014 – GRADUATE SCHOOL (MBA). Are you ready for the first Student of the Month of the new year? This January we’re kicking things off by celebrating the success …


Kousar S.

R: 20, L: 27, S: 24, W: 27

DECEMBER 2013 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Our last (but definitely not least) Student of the Month for 2013 is: Kousar S. from Iran!  Kousar’s dream was to defeat the TOEFL so …


Shabnam J.

R: 28, L: 27, S: 26, W: 25

NOVEMBER 2013 – PHARMACY. This November NoteFull is proud to present Shabnam J. from Iran! Shabnam moved to New York from Iran around 1 and a half years ago. Her …


Nazilya S.

R: 23, L: 24, S: 26, W: 26

OCTOBER 2013 – PHARMACY. This month NoteFull is happy to celebrate Nazilya S. from Azerbaijan!  Nazilya worked as a pharmacist in her home country. She was getting ready for the …


Lizbet A.

R: 23, L: 23, S: 26, W: 27

SEPTEMBER 2013 – PHARMACY. NoteFull’s Student of the Month this month is a shining example of commitment. Her journey to TOEFL success was long and hard. But she never stopped …


Vanan S.

R: 26, L: 24, S: 29, W: 29

AUGUST 2013 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Welcome to our very first Student of the Month success story! The goal of this series is to show you that anything is possible with …