Mohammad S

R: 27, L: 28, S: 23, W: 27

AUGUST 2017 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. You may not believe it, but 2 years ago Mohammad S. could barely write a sentence in English. Let alone speak it fluently. He was …


Mariangela C.

R: 25, L: 28, S: 26, W: 26

JULY 2017 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Mariangela C. is not your typical NoteFull student. Many of our students are pharmacists, dentists, or studying in some other science-related field. But not Mariangela. …


Tais T

R: 28, L: 28, S: 26, W: 28

JUNE 2017 – DENTISTRY. Like many of you, Tais T. spoke no English at all growing up. From Brazil, she trained and worked as a dentist there. It wasn’t until …


Amal S

R: 27, L: 24, S: 27, W: 28

MAY 2017 – PHARMACY. Amal S. moved to the US from Sudan 6 years ago. She had already gotten her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy studies. And she passed her FPGEE …


Rasha M.

R: 26, L: 25, S: 27, W: 26

APRIL 2017 – PHARMACY. Rasha is a student that we won’t soon forget. She is a cheerful person who never gives up. A pharmacist from Egypt, she came to America …


Rouba B.

R: 25, L: 24, S: 26, W: 24

MARCH 2017 – PHARMACY. Rouba B. grew up in Syria where she had very little exposure to the English language. She finished her Pharmacy studies there before moving to the …


Bahman D.

R: 29, L: 25, S: 26, W: 25

FEBRUARY 2017 – PHARMACY. Bahman D. is a pharmacist from Iran who took his first TOEFL in 2013. Given his background, he felt really good about scoring a 22 in …


Magdalena G.

R: 25, L: 24, S: 23, W: 28

JANUARY 2017 – DENTISTRY. If you need proof of just how powerful tutoring sessions can be, then look no further than Magdalena G.’s success story! After graduating from dentistry school …


John M.

R: 22, L: 26, S: 26, W: 28

DECEMBER 2016 – PHARMACY. John M. took a scientific approach to the TOEFL. An approach that he uses to solve any problem that he comes across in his daily life. …


Gira P.

R: 23, L: 23, S: 26, W: 27

NOVEMBER 2016 – PHARMACY. If there was one word we could use to describe Gira P., it would be: Dedicated. Her ability to keep working hard when every part of …


Housam K.

R: 23, L: 21, S: 26, W: 26

OCTOBER 2016 – PHARMACY. October is here! You know what that means? Ghosts, goblins, and zombies! But for many of you, there’s something far scarier on your mind… The TOEFL! …


Shaymaa G.

R: 27, L: 28, S: 27, W: 24

SEPTEMBER 2016 – GRADUATE SCHOOL (MBA). This September we’re shining our success spotlight on a student who’s made it her dream to help others reach theirs! Shaymaa G. is a …