Bruna P

R: 30, L: 26, S: 25, W: 24

AUGUST 2019 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Bruna is a hard-working student from Brazil with dreams of becoming a Master of Criminology. She needed to get a total score of 100 on …


Sai P

R: 26, L: 28, S: 27, W: 27

JULY 2019 – PHARMACY. Sai P. is a truly dedicated student who we were lucky enough to work with this year. It was her dream to get her pharmacy practitioner …


Tamar K

R: 26, L: 27, S: 26, W: 25

JUNE 2019 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Tamar is a wonderful student from Georgia with big dreams. Her goal is to attend Ryerson University in Toronto and pursue a degree in business …


Shachee A

R: 22, L: 27, S: 27, W: 24

MAY 2019 – PHARMACY. Shachee A’s story is a truly inspiring example of dedication! Coming to us from India, her TOEFL journey started back in 2015. Her dream was to …


Valeria G

R: 29, L: 28, S: 23, W: 27

APRIL 2019 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Valeria G. is a great student of ours who’s lived in many places around the world! Originally from Moldova, she moved to Russia once she …


Akshayy S

R: 29, L: 30, S: 26, W: 28

MARCH 2019 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Akshayy S. is a hard-working student from Gujarat, India. With a background in computer engineering, he always had a taste for finance. In fact, his …


Angela S

R: 25, L: 29, S: 27, W: 25

FEBRUARY 2019 – PHYSICAL THERAPY. Angela came to the U.S. from Nepal around 7 years ago with the dream of becoming a Physical Therapist. With her goal in mind, she …


Mostafa F

R: 27, L: 27, S: 23, W: 23

JANUARY 2019 – GRADUATE SCHOOL. Mostafa F. is a student of ours who came to us from Iran. It was his hope to get his dream TOEFL scores so he …


Krishna S

R: 23, L: 20, S: 27, W: 24

DECEMBER 2018 – PHYSICAL THERAPY. Krishna S. is a licensed physical therapist from India. She was working in New York, but needed to take the TOEFL to transfer her license …


Rucha R

R: 22, L: 22, S: 27, W: 24

NOVEMBER 2018 – TEACHING CERTIFICATE. Rucha R. is a wonderful student from India that we had the pleasure of working with this past summer. When she moved to Texas, she …


Naghme O.Z.

R: 23, L: 24, S: 27, W: 24

OCTOBER 2018 – PHARMACY. Naghme O.Z. is a pharmacist from Iran who passed her FPGEE in October of 2016. She needed to beat the TOEFL so she could get her …


Pariya P

R: 27, L: 26, S: 24, W: 23

SEPTEMBER 2018 – GRADUATE SCHOOL (MBA). Pariya P. is a student from Thailand with a cheerful attitude. He needed to take the TOEFL so he could pursue his Master’s degree …