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3-step Reading Mastery

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3-step Reading Mastery is normally $29.


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A top TOEFL score can gain you admission to the right university. Or enable you to work in your chosen profession in the United States. Approximately 130 nations accept the TOEFL for visa or other requirements, as do 8,500 colleges worldwide.


Some folks spend months – even years – working to bring their TOEFL score up to the level they need to get a job or get into school.


But our program 3-Step TOEFL Reading can help you prepare for the TOEFL so that next time you take it, you get the score you want – removing the burden of long months or years of study.



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3-Step Reading Mastery teaches you the structure, methods, exercises, skills, and techniques to get your “magic score” on the TOEFL reading section– the score you need to achieve your goals.


NoteFull is here to build your skills from the ground up. That means reinforcing a strong foundation in understanding every strength and weakness you have in the reading section.


How do we do that?


We take you through the entire TOEFL experience through the writing section: what to expect, how to mentally prepare yourself, and what to do if you see all variations of the questions EXACTLY as they appear on the TOEFL. That includes how to create the best possible answers to finally pass the reading section.


What exactly does "3-Step Reading Mastery" mean? 


Step one: Learn.


The first step to raising your TOEFL score is mastering and understanding question types, what they mean, step-by-step instructions for answering correctly EVERY time, and what to do if you're stuck.


That way, you not only score well on TOEFL reading; you also learn to understand what you need to do boost listening comprehension, timing mastery, and clearly using strategy under any condition. These new English skills can also be applied to everyday reading.


Step two: Practice.


In step two, you will practice and assess your skills with an example TOEFL reading. Then, video lectures will explain, review, and demonstrate masterful NoteFull strategy for every question for you. Here, you will take your TOEFL reading skills to the next level.


Step three: Review.


In step three, you review your progress and strengthen your weaknesses that you identified in step two. Having trouble with reading faster? Improving your comprehension? Timing?


We cover ALL of those issues and more. We've got every point that will potentially hold you back from getting your dream score on the reading section completely handled for you. Our NoteFull video lectures will build on all that you've learned with a microscopic, crystal-clear analysis about how to improve your reading skills.


Here, you take your skills to the highest level possible through another guided TOEFL reading. Our NoteFull video lectures will build on all that you've learned with a microscopic, crystal-clear analysis of TOEFL sentence structure, paragraph flow, and NoteFull answering techniques. 


What's included?  back to top


• NoteFull's 3-step TOEFL reading system.

• 3 complete TOEFL readings.

• 3 complete bonus readings.

• Hours of video tutorials.

• Speed reading techniques.

• Comprehension improving exercises.


In addition, you get unlimited e-mail support from our team of top-scoring TOEFL instructors. Any time you have questions about using your system to improve, simply write in. We will work with you step-by-step to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


This gives you an advantage other TOEFL test-takers, using standard books and courses, don’t have. 


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There’s no waiting for materials to arrive in the mail. You can start mastering the TOEFL literally within seconds after purchasing by following these instructions here: Accessing Your Program


How do you learn best? Reading? Listening? Watching? With a teacher? 


NoteFull’s 3-Step TOEFL Reading Mastery program gives you TOEFL training using 4 modalities of learning – print, audio, video, and personal instruction -- so you can grasp the material more rapidly. 


In addition, your online access to 3-Step Reading Mastery program never expires. So you get every course update absolutely free.


Plus, you get unlimited e-mail support from our team of top-scoring TOEFL instructors who serve as your personal tutors online. We work with you step-by-step to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


Join thousands of satisfied NoteFull students.  back to top


Since 2005, thousands of students have relied on NoteFull to help them succeed with the TOEFL. You can, too.


"I just got 108 and this was the first time I took the TOEFL test," says Khang. "Before studying with NoteFull, I read kind of slowly. After 2 months, I read better and I scored 27 on the reading section!"


“Thanks a lot for your helpful tips,” says Arun. “I took the TOEFL and scored 117 – reading 30, listening 30, speaking 28, writing 29.”


"The first time when I went through NoteFull success stories, I wondered whether my story would be here," says Prasudha. "Reading 25, Listening 28, Speaking 26, Writing 25! I advise all the TOEFL takers to blindly believe in NoteFull and crack great scores."


Click here for more success stories updated monthly: NoteFull Success Stories


Our promise to you: back to top


We know you're working with tight deadlines coming fast and there's no time to lose. This program WILL help you just as it has the students listed above. 


Your investment in 3-step Reading Mastery TODAY is only $12, 60% off! And it can help you save 15 times that by helping you pass your TOEFL. If you have to take the TOEFL 3 times because you didn't earn your reading score, that's 570 dollars you can lose, not to mention your time and energy.


The NoteFull team stands behind you 100%. If you believe this program wasn't helpful, tell us. We'll work with you so you feel 100% with it or refund every penny.


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Price: $12.00                       Qty
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