Our why, how, and what…

WHY WE EXIST: Do you want to be told what to do like a child… or do you want to partner with a powerful expert to receive what you need to succeed?

We believe all organizations, like NoteFull, succeed best when they respect YOU and all members of the community they serve… by learning from YOU what you need, rather than telling you what they think you need.

That’s why we exist: to be one small company that demonstrates this larger vision. That’s why everything we do, we do in partnership with YOU. We don’t want to teach you; we want YOU to teach us what you need, and then we want to provide it with our creativity, experience, and expertise.

That’s why 12 years ago when one student–desperate to pass the TOEFL to improve her life, for herself and her family–started to lose hope and was about to give up… we didn’t tell her what to do, but instead asked what she needed.

HOW WE OPERATE: To help her, others like her, and YOU, we started NoteFull with our first material to respond to what she needed.

She told us: I don’t know what to say next (for the TOEFL speaking), and we created our famous templates in response–which launched our YouTube channel from 0 to 15 million, our FaceBook group to 10,000, and our company.

The countless success stories you see–from students JUST LIKE HER and YOU–come from discovering what you need, providing it the best we can with our creativity, experience, and expertise, and repeating this UNTIL you pass!

WHAT WE DO: At NoteFull, we are an online TOEFL school for adult professionals. We train YOU and your peers UNTIL you pass your TOEFL so you can enter university or earn your professional licensing to pursue your dreams.

We’ve been doing this since 2008, when we first started providing what you needed and ensuring it really WORKED by taking the TOEFL ourselves:

And we’ve continued even after the newest TOEFL changes in 2019 (and continue even with the COVID-19 pandemic occurring right now):

We help YOU and your friends by providing what you need, according to our creativity, experience, and expertise, with our POWERFUL online training UNTIL you reach your dream TOEFL score, so you can pursue your dreams.