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You have either come to this page through one of our social media channels (YouTube or FaceBook) or directly from our NoteFull site as a student. Whether you’re new to the TOEFL or NoteFull or both… or a long-time TOEFL or NoteFull student or both… please use the app below to submit a recording for the help that you need most for your: TOEFL writing.

And, please do feel free to share anything else that you’d like help with to succeed on your TOEFL, while concentrating on your: TOEFL writing.

THEN, check back here *every Thursday at 2 pm New York time for answers to your questions!

We will pick 1 to 3 questions to answer every Thursday* with a specially created video lesson that we’ll post on our site and social media channels (so record knowing your recording may be played for others to hear; but feel positive as everyone is like you: a part of the dedicated, positive, supportive NoteFull community).

Can’t wait to hear from you.

You’ll have plenty of time to share your challenge with the app above: 45 seconds and, you’ll be able to listen to your recording before you submit it to make sure you included all you need help with.

*Since this series is new, we’re working on all the systems to support it, so our recordings may be uploaded once every two weeks rather than every week if we run into a challenge or delay. Our aim is once a week but it might be every other week somethimes. Thank you for understanding and supporting the series: TOEFL Talk with NoteFull!

Why we created this page: our first reason

It’s why we exist… review our philosophy as a company below to understand this better.

Why we exist: To deliver the TOEFL SCORE YOU WANT.

How we do it: By focusing on what YOU need.

First, we ask YOU what you need help with to improve your score. Then, we deliver that help…

WHILE applying ALL our expertise as professional TOEFL instructors so our lessons REALLY improve your score.

What you get from us: Your dream TOEFL score with our POWERFUL TOEFL training through self-study ebooks, live classes, and small group tutoring—ALL ONLINE.

Effective lessons: We teach ONLY proven lessons.

Lessons that successfully BOOSTED other students TOEFL scores, students JUST LIKE YOU, and that were tested on real TOEFL tests by NoteFull to earn perfect scores!

Clear lessons: You’ll understand each lesson AND know EXACTLY how to study so you can apply what you learned on your TOEFL. Our lessons are INTENSE… but CLEAR.

Commitment to you: Every month we produce 50+ hours of NEW lessons so you ALWAYS have the up-to-date help you need… UNTIL YOU SUCCEED!

This is why access to your course material NEVER expires.

Why we created this page: our second reason

To give you a chance to strengthen your TOEFL skills! Treat your recording as an example to TOEFL speaking question 1.

This shows you our obsession with helping you reach your dream TOEFL score. Even when we ask what you need help with… we ask in a way that trains your TOEFL skills 🙂


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