Scoring 120 on your TOEFL

You CAN score up to 120 on your TOEFL

The 3 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 120 on your TOEFL.

The 12 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 30 on your reading.

The 9 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 30 on your listening.

The 4 KEY NoteFull points to take advantage of your break.

The 14 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 30 on your speaking.

The 11 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 30 on your writing.

A review of these points and the course that teaches them ALL!

What to do next to defeat your TOEFL

1) Review, review, review.

These 53 points require mastery. That means you want to review these points as much as you need until you fully understand them and have memorized them 100%. That’s the only way you can guarantee that you’ll apply them on your TOEFL to improve your score.

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