Scoring 120 on your TOEFL

You CAN score up to 120 on your TOEFL

It will take mastering 50 NoteFull points.

These 50 points focus on mastering parts of your TOEFL exam where you can increase your performance; TOEFL strategy that will support you on tough questions; your academic English so you possess all the skills for success.

You might be curious: why 50 points and where did they come from?

The reason it’s 50 points and not 60 is simply because that’s what we’ve discovered 🙂

We spent the first 9 months of 2021 reviewing ALL of our TOEFL training. We reviewed ALL of our NoteFull success stories. And, we uncovered 50 points that deal with EVERYTHING to master your TOEFL.

These are the points that EACH of the success stories you see clicking here, and 1000s more we didn’t have time to interview over the years, mastered.

In September of 2021, we launched a class series to teach every one of our students these 50 points. AND, as critically important, how they can train EACH of these points in our most powerful TOEFL course: our Diamond Course–with 200+ hours of self-study material, training and practice, to reach your dream score.

Below you see the edited version of that class!

By watching the series of videos below, you’ll know EACH of the 50 points. This will help you whether you study with NoteFull or not. AND, of course, you’ll know EXACTLY how to master these points in our Diamond Course. That way you can start studying RIGHT NOW, with complete clarity for your success.

The 3 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 120 on your TOEFL.

The 12 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 30 on your reading.

The 9 KEY NoteFull points to score up to 30 on your listening.

A review of these points and the course that teaches them ALL!

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Your remaining points…

All remaining points will be taught in our class this Satuday, September 18th, from 10am to 12pm NY time.

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