January 2017


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Meet Magda, NoteFull's Student of the Month for January 2017        

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If you need proof of the immediate power of tutoring, Magdalena G. and her experience with NoteFull is the most clear, remarkable story in recent months!


Let's start from the beginning though. Magdalena is originally from Poland, where she graduated from dentistry school back in 2011. In 2013 she moved to the United States and immediately began studying for the TOEFL. She tried various approaches but none worked:


"First I started off spending 6 months working with 2 teachers who had backgrounds and experience with the TOEFL, but my scores did not go up.  So then I started to study by myself. I went on Amazon and bought these TOEFL preparation books created in Europe. 16 of them in total! Still, my scores weren't really moving upwards with my self-study. I even tried attending a 1-month TOEFL training seminar in Atlanta, but that didn't work either."


Then, in the spring of 2016, Magdalena met another dentist. This dentist, who was also from overseas, sang the praises of an organization called NoteFull, which had helped him achieve success. Magdalena was intrigued!


"I remember right after that I went home and looked up NoteFull online. I watched the 3 videos of Joseph on the front page of the website, which seemed really helpful."


What happened next happens to many of our students. Magdalena kind of forgot about NoteFull. She went back to doing other things, and the memory of NoteFull faded into the background. But then, about 6 months later, Magdalena recalled the great things she had heard about this program, and so she decided to go for it!


Now we get to the truly remarkable part of this story. Before November 1, 2016, when Magdalena registered for the Complete TOEFL Mastery + Tutoring + Review program, her scores were 20 on the Reading, 23 on the Listening, 22 on the Speaking, and 24 on the Writing. Remember those numbers for later. That's a score of 89. To apply for dentistry school in the US, she wanted at least 100.  


"After I registered, I started to study the program intensely. Like really hard! I loved the tips and strategies, like creating flash cards to study the different question types in the Reading and Listening sections."


"I also decided to register for 9 more Tutoring Sessions because I found them so helpful. In total I had about 10 or 11 of them with Mathew. We covered all the parts of the TOEFL. I remember for the Speaking section, he helped me so much with Questions 1 and 2. Instead of giving general information, he helped me to develop specific examples. He helped me to visualize my examples."


Then, 31 days after registering with NoteFull and her intense period of study, she took the test on December 2. She improved by 11 points...reaching her goal of 100, right on the nose! What an incredibly powering story, to make that much progress in so little time. It speaks to the level of focus and dedication that Magdalena brought with her, along with the effectiveness of the programs and the tutoring from NoteFull.


So what is Magdalena doing right now? Preparing for her practical dental exam and in the process of applying for dentistry school, to begin in September, 2017.  Here's what she'd like to share with you:


"There are so many TOEFL books out there, so many strategies that different people will tell you are the keys to success. But it was only with NoteFull that my scores finally moved upwards. I wish I had found it earlier, but I'm glad I finally did!


We're glad you did too, Magdalena! It's an inspiring story :)



Reading: 25, Listening: 24, Speaking: 23, Writing: 28


Do you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL? I bet you do. If you're missing the right tools for the job, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so that you too can earn your dream score and be done with the TOEFL! You can always contact us at StudentHelp@notefull.com if you have any questions or need help figuring out your next step forward.



If Magdalena's story or any of our previous success stories have inspired you, why not share your story and let it inspire others? If you have something to celebrate, let us know!



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If you think that you have what it takes to become NoteFull's next Student of the Month, please send us an email with your story of success to SuccessStories@NoteFull.com.



We look forward to receiving your success story. Whether you're working with an ESL or TOEFL system or through our Free TOEFL Course, we have seen your commitment to greatness and look forward to rewarding you for your hard work next month!



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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.


This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.  


Also, every Student of the Month receives a coveted NoteFull t-shirt! Wear it with pride when you get it because you deserve it.










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