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2-hour Switch

Study each TOEFL section for 2 hours and then switch. back to top


If you stick to one TOEFL section for more than 2 hours, it will be easy for you to forget what you learned when you switch to the next TOEFL section.


We've seen it many, many times. When you study one section until you feel you mastered it, you experience challenges. You will improve the reading and then work on the speaking. By the time you're done improving the speaking, you will have forgotten what you mastered for the reading. 


Also, the TOEFL switches sections quickly. If you're not well trained to move from the reading to the listening to the speaking to the writing, it'll be easy for you to lose focus and get tired on your actual TOEFL.


Lastly, you're not only working to master your TOEFL skills but your academic English skills as well. If you study the reading for 2 hours and the listening for 2 hours and then the speaking for 2 hours and then the writing for 2 hours and repeat this, you'll learn faster.


It's the way you're brain works. You'll start to see similarities between the structure of all sections and integrate all of your skills. It's a more effective and efficient way to study even though it feels awkward at first. But, it will only feel awkward at first. When you get used to it, you'll notice the difference in how quickly you improve your English skills. 





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