Reviewing 3 Times

Review EACH lesson at least 3 times before moving on. back to top


This is so important. You want to do this immediately. The way you study for the TOEFL is not the same as the way you studied for anything else. Why? For your professional academic life, you've studied to demonstrate your knowledge. For the TOEFL, you need to study to create new habits. Building new habits is different from building knowledge.


I will provide you with the best example I know of now to help you understand this and master how to study. Again, this is criticall important, but we'll try to make it fun :) Here we go.


Imagine that you're going to take an exam where you have to bake a delicioius chocolate cake. This is an analogy for your TOEFL exam. 


You then get a magic recipe recommended to you from a friend to bake a delicious chocolate cake that is guaranteed to pass the exam. As you can imagine, this recipe is your NoteFull training material. 


Now, how do you master this cake baking process. First, you must understand the recipe well by itself. That means: review the recipe 3 times carefully so you fully understand the ingrdients, amounts, and process of baking. This means that you want to review our lessons 3 times carefully before moving on to the next lesson. This is what creates mastery.


Next, you need to practice actually baking the cake. This won't be easy. So, what you do is you try to bake the cake without using the recipe but you have the recipe near you. You refer to the recipe when you forget and try to memorize it. When something goes wrong, you refer to the recipe to see what you missed. Does that make sense?


This is the process for practicing. You want to practice all sections of the TOEFL and all different kinds of questions with the strategy next to you. You won't do it undert TOEFL timed conditions at first. First, you will work on gaining the ability to apply the strategies that you're learning. It's a simple process. But, it will be challenging. 


Your goal is to practice baking this cake at least 50 times. It will take about 10 times to get comfortable with the recipe but you won't be a master. It will take another 10 to 20 times to start being able to bake the cake without the receipe. Then, in the final 10 to 20 times, you will find that you can adjust the ingredients and process just a little bit here and there to make an even more fantastic cake. After the 50 times, you've got it!


For some of you it will take 10 times to be a master. For others, it will take 50 times. For some, it will take 200 times. These numbers are real; they are not jokes, so be aware that you might be a student who needs only 10, or 50, or even 200. 


Does that make sense? That's the process of practice that creates mastery:


Review 3 times; practice 50 times (the way described above) and you WILL be a master of the TOEFL, improve as quickly as possible, and reach your dream score 100%. I promise you that without a doubt. 




For example, let's say that you're studying question 1 of the speaking in one of our TOEFL speaking programs. You want to study that page completely from top to bottom--every word, every video, everything--three times before moving on. Why?


The first time you study anything, it builds awareness. Your brain looks at it for the first time. All the knowledge is fragile and easily forgotten. Even though you might understand it, you'll forget and won't create the mastery to succeed.


The second time you study something, it supports deeper learning. This is when the repetitiong starts to create long term memory in your brain and you notice things and important points that you didn't when you studied it the first time. Don't do this casually, study with care.


The third time you study starts to develop mastery. This is when everything comes together and starts to make more sense. This is when you're really getting ready to succeed on the TOEFL. And, notice that we said the third time "starts" to build mastery.


I want you to remember that we've been doing this for 10 years, we've worked with so many students in so many situations. The students that have the smoothest and even funnest journey follow what you learned here. The students that struggle, feel frustrated, and don't see improvement, follow some things we teach but not others. 


There are many ways to master the TOEFL. Our methods are just one way, but when you apply them 100%, they work. That's why you're here and that's why you see so many success stories. You can do it! Follow this 100% and you will get your dream score!





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Very well explained!
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This is great, thats simple , Gooo Goooo Mastering the TOEFL
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I think this is very helpful!!!
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