Taking a Break

After every 55 minutes of study, take a 1 to 5 minute break. back to top


Studying for a long time without a break usually reduces how much you remember. Even if you get up to stretch for 1 minute and walk around your room, it will benefit your memory. Why?


Studies have shown that your brain does something funny towards the beginning and end of things: it integrates those things more than what happens in the middle. It's an important piece of information to take advantage of. You're going to be studying many hours for days, weeks, or months. Adding breaks will improve your memory efficiency.


For example, there was a study that provided participants with a vocabulary list to memorize. They found that when tested, those participants remembered the words at the beginning and end of the list more than they did the words in the middle of the list.


Also, staying in one place while sitting increases boredom, doesn't support blood flow to the brain, and isn't a great way to take care of your health. Do this; it's not critical to your success, but it's one more startegy that will make you study that much more effectively. And, don't you want your next TOEFL to be your last? So, apply every thing that works, even if it works just a little bit.





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