How many hours you need to get to your dream score

How many hours do you need to get to your dream score? back to top


For every 5 to 10 hours you study with NoteFull, expect to improve 1 point.


How to apply this average to your situation back to top


We'll provide you with an example so you know exactly how to apply this.


Recently, a student, Vanessa emailed us, and let us know that she scored 81 on her most recent TOEFL and that her dream score is 100 for law school.


She wrote the following and we share it with respect to demonstrate that we understand how important the TOEFL is to you and that success is coming; we'll show you how to get there:


Please, I need your team help me. I am stressed to the point to give up. I don't know how to begin to study again. I need a light in the darkness, and I know that NoteFull can help me.


Never give up! We are honored by your trust and will not let you down. So, right now, we guide her and you to outline your journey to your dream score.


Her dream score is 100 and she earned an 81 on her most recent TOEFL. That means she needs to improve 19+ points. Using our guideline, 19 mulitplied by 10 equals 190. That means she can expect to reach 100 after studying 190 hours! That's awesome. No confusion; no worry; that's what it takes.


Now, take the time to discover how many hours you need to reach your dream score. We'll show you how to use these hours as effectively as possible with the 5 points below. By applying these 5 points, you will succeed within this time and possibly succeed in half the time.


We'll also discuss the trouble that traps students. If you fall into these traps, you can study 1,900 hours and still be at the same score, so the journey will be clear but not necessarily easy. But, we'll be with you to guide you every step of the way. 


First, figure out how many points you need to improve to get your dream score. For example, if you scored a 73 and need to score 100+, that means you need to improve 27 points. That means that you'll need 270 hours to make that jump. 


The best number of hours to study a week is 20+. That's where we notice students make the most improvement. But, studying less is fine. Some students can only study a few hours a week. The key is to apply these 5 points when you study and you'll reach your dream score.


Now, that means that with 20 hours a week and the need to study 270 hours to improve 27+ points, you're looking at 3 and 1/2 months before you're ready to get your dream score. That's a huge improvement in a fairly short time. Again, as long as you follow these 5 points when you study. Does that make sense?


If you haven't taken the TOEFL before . . .  back to top


Now, what if you've never taken the TOEFL before so you don't know how many points you need to improve? In that case, there are two options:


1) estimate your score by evaluating yourself with a free practice test;

2) register for our Complete TOEFL Assessment (click here to learn more about it).


With Complete TOEFL Assessment, we will let you know what score you can expect if you took the TOEFL today and also outline exactly what you need to improve to earn your dream score.


Try scoring a practice reading and listening yourself. This will be fairly easy since answer keys are available with any practice source. With this score, you can then figure out how many hours you need to dedicate to each of these sections.


For the speaking and writing, it's a bit harder. But, what you can do is record all of your answers on the speaking (first tries under TOEFL conditions only) and then do the same with the writing.

After you do this, wait one day. That way you forget a little of what you said and wrote. Then, review your speaking and writing and evaluate what score you think you deserve out of 30 on each section. It's not perfect, but it will give you an excellent understanding of where you are.

If you're willing to make an investment, which I think is very important. You can review our Complete TOEFL Assessment program. 

It's only 18 dollars, which is an incredible value. Every other evaluation service that we've seen is at least 45 dollars (if you find anything at a lower price, please let us know). 

With this, you'll get an evaluation of every section of the TOEFL: we'll let you know the score you can expect on the TOEFL as well as what to do to improve, which is critical. You don't just want to know what your score is but how to continue to raise your score to your dream score.


Where does this average come from? back to top


Science and the basics of how your brain learns. It's a fascinating thing to understand and understanding will help you on your TOEFL journey.


You can expect this to be a fairly smooth process when you're lookint to improve anywhere from 1 to 8 points on the TOEFL. When you try to improve 10 or more points, the average still applies, but it's not as smooth a process. Let me explain.


If you need to improve 10 or more points, read the following carefully; otherwise, continue to step 2.


When you first start studying for the TOEFL, you can expect your ability and score to decrease; that's right: decrease. The reason is that you're learning many new things. As you know, when you learn something new, you're slower and a bit awkward applying what you learn. 


This won't last but it does occur, so if it happens, know that it's a normal part of the process. It means keep going and study with focus so that the new things you learn become more and more familiar. At that point, you'll notice your score make a jump!


Your progress will continue nice and smooth until you hit what's called a plateau. This is a point where your progress seems to stop. Again, this is normal. The reason is that when you hit a plateau there are several skills that you need to master to reach the next level. And, until you master ALL of those skills, you won't notice improvement. Let me explain.


Imagine that you're working hard to improve the reading. You've learned from a tutoring session with us that there are 3 skills that you need to master before you improve. If you master 1 skill, it won't be enough. If you master 2 skils, it won't be enough. You must have all three. 


Think about learning how to ride a bicycle. If you master pedaling to move the bike forward only, it's not enough. If you master being balanced on the bike only, it's not enough. If you master steering the bike only, it's not enough. You need to master all of these and when they're all mastered, you can ride your bike! Does that make sense?


Now, this is a dangerous place. It's where many students get stuck because they don't realize this. Because you're reading this, you won't be one of those students, which is excellent. You can get stuck here for months and even years. How?


If you don't study to master all the skills together that you learn from our free course, our special TOEFL packages, our online reviews, or our tutoring, you'll be stuck and won't improve. You'll be like someone trying to ride a bike who knows only how to pedal. Does that make sense?


So, during your studies, it's important to realize that you're learning to master everything so that you can apply it all at once and smoothly. That's why having a plan for the TOEFL is so important and why some students can get stuck in the same score forever.


How to need 5 hours instead of 10 to improve 1 point. back to top


This comes from discipline and focus. It's simple but hard. Think of walking 1,000 miles. Walking is simple, right? But, walking 1,000 miles is hard. Simple doesn't mean easy. Remember that when you study our strategies.


For example, we teach you: spend 1 minute and 17 seconds for each question on the reading. Simple, right? But, if you don't study to apply this, you won't improve. We teach you a 4-step breathing process to reduce stress before answering each question on the speaking. It works! It's a simple process and just 4 steps, right? But, it's hard to master doing this under the stressful conditions of the TOEFL. 


This is what most of your study time will be focused on: mastering the complete and effective application of strategy under stressful timed conditions. That's what you need to spend your 5 hours doing: memorize the strategy we teach 100% and then practice, practice, practice applying it until it's natural and easy for you. When you don't study this way, it can take you 10, 15, 20, even more hours to improve just 1 point.


What you just read works like magic. We have yet to see a student that hasn't earned their dream score who didn't fail to apply a strategy they already learned in their program. Our material works. It's simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy. But, you can do it and we're here to help you every step of the way until you do!


Now, it's time to figure out how to use these hours.





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