Summary Question Mastery

Let's start the lesson towards summary question mastery: back to top


This lesson was inspired by our tutoring sessions and emails with you and other students. So, keep registering for tutoring and keep those emails coming! We're here to help you every step of the way to your dream score. You can do it!


This 3-minute video introduces the series and reviews the key to mastering summary questions, NoteFull TOEFL reading strategy, and NoteFull TOEFL strategy in general. Please watch



Following strategy to find the first answer: back to top


Here we take 10 minutes to review in detail summary strategy and apply it precisely and carefully to choose the first answer. 


Though this video takes 10 minutes, applying this strategy will take literally 40 seconds on the actual TOEFL. We go into great detail here so that you have a full understanding and confidence in the strategy so that when you practice, you can really see results under timed conditions. 



Choosing the second answer: back to top


In this 3-minute video, we repeat the strategy carefully, slowly, and precisely to choose the second answer with 100% confidence. 


Again, applying this strategy will take just 10 seconds on the actual TOEFL. We go into detail to help you see with your own eyes how well strategy works when you use it to support your understanding. This is really important: to SUPPORT your understanding, NOT REPLACE it.


Whenever you read, read with focus and comprehension and use strategy to support your understanding to choose your answers quickly, accurately, and effectively. 



Choosing the third and final answer correctly every time: back to top


This 4-minute video helps you choose the final answer. It shows how to follow your understanding and strategy with discipline. Do this on your TOEFL and you won't waste time, feel confused, or struggle. You WILL raise your score. You can do it!



A summary and review of the series: back to top


In less than 2 minutes, we review everything learned in this series so that you miss nothing. Watch carefully and remember: for true mastery, watch this entire series at least three times:


1) Watching this series once provides you with awareness

2) Watching this series twice develops your learning

3) Watching this series three times supports your mastery



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