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Meet Shaymaa, NoteFull's Student of the Month for September 2016        

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While every student who takes the TOEFL has a different story, each of those stories share a common theme of taking control of your destiny as you forge a path to a greater dream. You are the candles that dare to burn a little brighter and it is your glow that moves this world forward. This September we're celebrating a student pursuing her dream of helping others pursue theirs. Earlier this year, Shaymaa G. decided she needed a career shift and that decision brought her to the TOEFL.    


Living in her homecountry of EgyptShaymaa has been working with multinational corporations since she graduated from college. While she has enjoyed her job, she feels a calling to do something else. During the 2011 revolution in Egypt, Shaymaa began volunteering to help young entrepreneurs realize their dreams. She started to do programs like Start-Up Weekends and consulting entrepreneurs on and offline. As she discovered the satisfaction she felt from this work, she started to research what her next step should be.


"To do that, I figured out I needed to go to a business school in the US. My goal is to go to Stanford because Silicon Valley in the role model of entrepreneurship. They want a TOEFL of 100 and now I've exceed the requirements so I am quite happy and proud."


The journey to meet her TOEFL goals was neither easy nor obvious. Before joining NoteFull, Shaymaa worked with other TOEFL prep materials, but the highest score she was able to earn was 86. 


"I knew about NoteFull from my sister. She got to know it accidentally while looking for TOEFL resources on YouTube. She advised me to use it, but I resisted because I usually prefer fancy interactive interfaces, so I went to another online resource that has their own strategies, hundreds of questions and very good interactive dashboard, but unfortunately I only got 86."


Disappointed with the result from studying with her other materials, she decided to give NoteFull a chance and began working through our 3-Step TOEFL Mastery program.


"After finishing the exam and overcoming my dejection, I decided to assess NoteFull rationally. I watched all the YouTube videos and read all the free resources on the NoteFull website, then I made the decision and bought the 3-Step TOEFL Mastery program. I had a very tight schedule because I was approaching one of my deadlines and I have a full time job that consumes at least 9-10 hours a day. I adopted the NoteFull approach and put together  3-week schedule."


Some of our strategies surprised Shaymaa and she felt a little apprehensive at first, but she put her trust in NoteFull and worked through the program methodically.


"When I started my preparation using NoteFull, I was shocked that it asked me not to practice too many questions, but to study the same question many times! This was a paradigmatic shift for me. My brain couldn't handle it at the beginning and I started to doubt the whole thing. After a few days of listening to Joseph's videos and reading his lessons, I started to trust the program and I decided to follow it 100% and not to miss any step."


She worked through each section, starting with the Reading section. Using NoteFull, she was able to raise her Reading score from 16 to 27!


"The first improvement that I noticed was being able to solve some of the reading questions, which felt like rocket science to me, such as paraphrasing questions. My biggest weakness was the reading section and that was mainly because my thinking process was slow, so I couldn't finish all the questions in the allocated time. After mastering NoteFull's reading strategies, I became capable of finishing all the reading questions in time by being methodical."


After working with NoteFull for just three weeks, Shaymaa saw such dramatic improvement in her scores that she can now confidently apply to many graduate programs across the United States, though her heart is still set on Stanford. The admissions office will surely be impressed when they see her final TOEFL scores!


Reading: 27, Listening: 28, Speaking: 27, Writing: 24


Some people think one month isn't enough time to see monumental improvement in your TOEFL performance, but Shaymaa is just one example of how much difference three weeks can make when you're working with the right materials. 


"After I practiced this method more and more, I find it incredible how I was able to improve! It works for me. I don't know if it works for others or not, but it worked for me!"


You too can earn your dream score. If you need help moving forward, please reach out to us at and we can work together to figure out the next step you need to take.  NoteFull worked for Shaymaa and it can work for you too!




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