March 2016


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2016 is off to a great start! These past few months have a seen a surge in students realizing their TOEFL goals. We're always proud to see NoteFull students overcome their barriers, secure their scores, and start living their dreams. For March's Student of the Month, his dreams became a reality one after another as he received a job offer the same day he received his passing TOEFL score!


Mina came to the United States from Egypt several years ago. He has been living in Maryland and working in Washington, D.C. Like many NoteFull students, Mina needed to take the TOEFL in order to meet the necessary requirements to work as a full pharmacist in the U.S.


Despite strong English and regular interaction with native speakers through his work as a pharmacy technician, Mina struggled to earn the required 26 in the Speaking section. He registered for the exam several times and while he would meet the requirements in all of the other sections of the exam, that 26 in Speaking remained beyond his grasp.


After taking the test twelve times, he decided enough was enough- it was time to ask for help. Before finding NoteFull, Mina tried working with other teachers, but he found they were "not very good" and focused too much on his accent and not his answers. He was spending 25-30 hours a week studying, but it was "studying without strategy" and "without focusing on weak points." Ultimately, he found the help he needed in tutoring with Joseph.


"I wasn't doing well on the past twelve exams and Joseph told me how to improve. The thirteenth one, I was confident. I did everything he told me to, every single thing. Joseph put in my mind- 'You will do it!' "


On his final exam, Mina not only earned his 26 in Speaking and met the requirements for Writing, but exceeded the requirements for the Listening and Reading sections.


Reading: 24, Listening: 26, Speaking: 26, Writing: 24


Mina credits Joseph with helping him focus and relax, which made a huge difference in keeping him motivated during his study and confident during his exam. In the month leading up to his final exam, Mina decorated his study materials and his study space with the postive message:

"I can. I will. I must."


During their tutoring sessions, Mina and Joseph concentrated on Questions 3, 4, 5, and 6 in the Speaking section. Because Mina had scored well on Questions 1 and 2 on previous exams, they spent their time together focusing on the areas where Mina could improve his performance and see real positive results in his score.


Mina took his exam and left feeling confident, telling his friends, "That's my last time!" Receiving his scores at the end of January, Mina learned that his confidence had not been misplaced. Not only did he earn his goal score, but on that same day, he also received a job offer. Realizing now what a luck day it is for him, "Maybe next year, I will buy all the lottery tickets up!"



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