February 2016


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We're one month into 2016 and we've from a lot of you about your recent successes. It's been really wonderful, as always, to hear about how you can finally move on to the next phase of your journey. This month, we have another student who struggled with the TOEFL for several years and is now finally able to fulfill his dream of becoming a pharmacist!


Kamil is a pharmacist from Syria and, at first, thought it wouldn't be too hard to pass the TOEFL. Being good at English and working with English speakers as a pharmacy technician, he thought it would be over and done with in no time at all. Unfortunately, as Kamil found out and later realized, "it wasn't about English skills only, it was about building my skills for taking the test."


When Kamil took the TOEFL for the first time, he was "shocked and disappointed" by his scores: Reading: 14, Listening: 11, Speaking: 23 and Writing: 22


It wasn't just the test that was hard, but the "test center was so noisy and distracting." Like many of our students, Kamil found it hard to explain to others why he wasn't passing the TOEFL. Most people just don't get it. As Kamil said, "my coworkers just didn't understand why I wasn't passing. We are in the same position, speak English together, and so it should be easy."


After the first failed attempt, Kamil thought he would be able to continually take the test each month and eventually pass. This is a common misconception for a lot of students. He admitted that he "didn't study the details or strategy and kept getting the same scores." 


After repeated recommendations to try NoteFull, Kamil started to watch out YouTube videos and registered for NoteFull's Complete TOEFL Mastery program. Even then, it was a slow start to really mastering strategy. He admitted that he "didn't study the details or strategy and kept getting the same scores." It wasn't until he felt sufficiently frustrated with his situation of just being a technician that he realized he shouldn't have "sold himself short."


It's not until we become really fed up about our situation that we seek to change it. Kamil changed his habits, attitude, and dedicated over 20 hours a week to studying. He registered for tutoring and found that NoteFull "teaches strategy not just skills." When he was in the car, he "stopped listening to music and started listening to talk radio to build his comprehension skills." 


With a newly directed focus and intention, Kamil studied after work and on weekends. He gave up all his old excuses about working too much, feeling like he'll make it after "just one more test," and thinking it's all about his existing fluency. Now, he can feel proud that his hard work paid off with the scores he needs to become a pharmacist:


Reading: 23, Listening: 22, Speaking: 28 and Writing: 25



Kamil did have regret about how he started his TOEFL studies. He said, "[he] wasted a lot of years not knowing what to do until [he] was persuaded to study with NoteFull." His parting advice to students taking the TOEFL is to "not waste time on other sources other than NoteFull. Wherever you are, you can use the material to listen to or review. It's really worth it to care about studying.


I feel amazing now that I passed!"


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