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December is here. All over the world, neighbors and strangers wait anxiously in anticipation of the coming new year. We wish success for all of our students in 2016 and we expect great things from our student of the month for December:


Ahmed Ibrahim of Kuwait!


Ahmed is the perfect example of a student who used his time effectively. Despite working full time and helping raise four children, Ahmed found the time to study, overcome his challenges, and earn his dream score so that he could come work in the United States. He made time to study, even if it was just one hour a day.


When Ahmed discovered NoteFull through a Google search, he already had a good command of English, but “had a hard time getting the score [he] needed, which was 24 in Speaking.” His previous score had been a 21/30. Many of you know how frustrating it can be to fall just a few points short of your dream score. You can’t give up and Ahmed didn’t, ultimately earning a total score of 103!


Reading: 27; Listening: 25; Speaking: 26; Writing 24


One common key to all successful people, not just students, is their ability to continue forward in the face of hardship and failure. Ahmed's “TOEFL experience was initially quite painful, but [he] did not allow [himself] to lose hope. Losing confidence is not part of the dictionary!”


After taking the TOEFL several times, Ahmed knew he had to do something to improve his Speaking score. After watching a few of NoteFull's YouTube videos, Ahmed decided to register for NoteFull’s 3-Step TOEFL Speaking program and ultimately upgraded to NoteFull’s 6-Step Speaking Mastery program. Ahmed felt that the programs were "amazing" but he needed more help. He took the second step that all successful people take, which is to find the experts to help them get to the next level because no one succeeds alone.


From the start, “[he] had a good impression which was emphasized after interacting with the great teachers at NoteFull!" As we worked with Ahmed, we recommended that he get some extra help to get passed the obstacles that prevented him from improving to a 26/30Ahmed knew that "[he was] a slow speaker (slower than average) even in [his] mother tongue." After registering for tutoring, "Mathew and Joseph coached [him] to overcome this obstacle." Looking back, Ahmed felt that "it helped [him] to speak faster without losing [his] focus.”


Through tutoring, Ahmed received the guidance he needed to do his best. He had the potential to earn his dream score and just needed direction from the people who know the TOEFL best, NoteFull. If you find you're stuck getting the same scores and you just don’t know what to do next, don’t be shy. Be like Ahmed and reach out to the NoteFull team. You never know... you might be our next success story!  


As Ahmed emerges from his TOEFL studies, he offers these kind words of advice to his fellow TOEFL students:


“Keep focused and get the help you need from the experts.”  

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If you think that you have what it takes to become NoteFull's next Student of the Month, please send us an email with your story of success to




We look forward to receiving your success story. Whether you're working with an ESL or TOEFL system or through our Free TOEFL Course, we have seen your commitment to greatness and look forward to rewarding you for your hard work next month!




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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.




This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.




Also, every Student of the Month receives a coveted NoteFull t-shirt! Wear it with pride when you get it because you deserve it.


































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