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It's October 2015 and autumn is officially here. That means the end of the year is coming, so we're really excited to be able to present more success stories to inspire you to get YOUR dream score before 2016.


For October, our success story comes is Ruaa Alani, a pharmacist, from Iraq. Let's read about her journey...



Failure is the first step towards success                                           

No one whoever accomplished anything great did it without hard work, patience, persistence, and, what we all fear, failure. Ruaa started her TOEFL path with the following scores: Reading-13, Listening-13, Speaking-20, and Writing-17. When we fail, we think it feels permanant and when we fail repeatedly, it can feel hopeless. But, Ruaa believed in herself and her skills. Though she was busy, she powered through and made sure to take the time to study as well as "read through all of the NoteFull Success Storiesto stay motivated. Now, she can be proud of her tremendous improvement: Reading-24, Listening-26, Speaking-26, and Writing-24. Here's what she did to achieve her goals:

If at first you don't succeed...:

...try, try again. Over the course of a year and a half, Ruaa took the TOEFL 10 times every two to three weeks. Just like many of our students, this is never an easy task. As Ruaa herself said, "I had difficulties in organizing my schedule between my home, full-time job, and my daughter. So, I was stealing time to study." She "studied in the morning when it was quiet" and she could concentrate. For "40 hours a week," she kept reviewing, reviewing, and reviewing.  


Ruaa was able to take the time she needed whenever she had free time between her busy schedule. Many of us don't have 40 hours a week to study, but we encourage you to follow Ruaa's strategy, which was to "steal time" whenever you can even if it's only 10 minutes on a Monday morning. According to Ruaa, "I was determined" and that was the key to acheiving her dream score on the TOEFL. 



Ruaa's TOEFL tools for building your skills:   

For about a year and a half,  Ruaa studied for the TOEFL, but "seriously for eight months." From the first time she found NoteFull she "trusted [us] and continually watched our Wednesday Review videos." After studying on her own, she knew she needed extra help to get her goal scores as fast as possible. She decided to sign up for tutoring with our expert TOEFL instructors.



This one on one instruction helped her to stay focused and make sure she repeatedly corrected her weaknesses, especially in TOEFL speaking. "I took tutoring with Joseph, Lauren, and Mathew. All of whom are wonderful. They really helped me with the TOEFL speaking section."



Ruaa's advice for knowing how to prepare for the TOEFL: 

1. "I encourage students to keep practicing and never give up."

2. Be patient! She felt that this experience changed her and "taught [her] to be a more patient person."

3. "Believe that the TOEFL is doable!"


Ruaa repeatedly took the TOEFL, but her real success came from the qualities that she fostered along the way. She was patient, determined, and had the positive belief that she could succeed. She made the sacrifices to make changes in her schedule to accommodate her studies. Those sacrifices and patience really made the difference after a year and a half. She can now feel confident and accomplished with her scores:


R24L26S26W24, total 100!

Ruaa can relax and get to the next step on her journey to becoming a pharmacist: "Now, I am ready to complete my path and prepare for my board exams!"

Ruaa's final words to you: 

"Never give up and believe that the TOEFL is doable!"

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