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NoteFull is proud to present Giselle Amaral, a hard-working student from Brazil. Here is her success story . . .



How Giselle passed the TOEFL the FIRST time                                           

Like many of our students, Giselle is pursuing her dream as a pharmacist. However, one of the biggest obstacles was the TOEFL. She found "NoteFull on a forum for foreigners who were trained pharmacists" and she knew she wasn't alone because "many members of that group were struggling for years with TOEFL before they found NoteFull." She began her studies in January 2015 and was determined to pass without taking the test more than once. And she did! Here's how:

Giving up excuses for TOEFL success:

We live in the real world and have to face many obligations that take much of our time each day. It seems like there's no energy or time left to dedicate to our studies. Giselle understands that very well.  "A lack of time to focus on my studies" was a struggle because she "works full time and has two young kids." She even would "get very frustrated and take several weeks without studying."


Giselle had every reason to give up and find excuses why she couldn't study. But, she found the strength to move forward by finding a way to make it work. She had "a long commute to work, so [she] used that time to study."  Even when Giselle couldn't get an internet connection to study, she kept her focus on her goal. "The NoteFull program is all online, so it requires an internet connection and that's very difficult to get on the train. It was very difficult to manage my time!But, I was very persistent."



Creating the path to accomplishing her goals:   

Giselle started studying with NoteFull and used it as her "only studying material." She registered with NoteFull in November 2014 after seeing the success of others in an "online study group." At the start, she registered for our New Complete TOEFL Mastery program.


At the start of her studies, she knew she was on the right track after completing "NoteFull's preliminary review which greatly helped [her] to focused on [her] weaknesses." Giselle wanted to make sure that she was developing her skills well, so she "took many reviews for writing and speaking."


She felt that this feedback from our expert TOEFL instructors really guided her towards achieving her success the first time. She says that, "the reviews from NoteFull were awesome. It gave me a lot of insight for what to improve. It helped me to drive my studies and to use my time smartly so I didn't waste time studying what I already knew. It saved a lot of time."


Giselle's advice for knowing how to prepare for the TOEFL: 

1. "I studied and average of two hours a day and about 8-10 hours per week."

2. She knew she was ready for the TOEFL "when [she] started getting good, consistent scoreson my NoteFull reviews."

3. "For the speaking section, it's very important to practice all the time and listen to yourself. I found it very helpful to listen to my recordings over and over, so I knew what to improve."


Giselle was able to pass the TOEFL the first time, but it definitely was not an easy year for her. It took hard work, persistence, dedication, and managing how to overcome life's many challenges. She remained optimistic and finally felt ready to defeat the TOEFL. With 100% focus on her goal and dreams, she's now able to move on to get her pharmacy license with these fantastic scores:


R25L26S26W24, total 101!

After receiving her scores and feeling the relief of success, Giselle wants you to know that,"NoteFull knows exactly the TOEFL design. The videos and tips for every section taught me how to manage my time during the test and think quickly about my responses. Without that, it's impossible to pass the TOEFL."

Giselle's final words to you: 

"NoteFull is the way to go because that's all you need for the TOEFL. Never give up! Because you can always improve. If you're persistent, you will succeed."

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