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[Dolly is pictured above with her husband]



NoteFull would like to introduce Dolly Karan Shah from India! Here is her success story…




A new country and a new goal:



Dolly came from India to the United States this past January. She needed to take the TOEFL in order to work as a physical therapist.



For Dolly, English was her second language. Unfortunately, she rarely had any opportunity to use the language in her daily communication in Ind. So for a few months, she worked intensely on improving her academic skills and vocabulary.



When she felt ready to prepare for the TOEFL, she started with free resources and Barron's TOEFL guide. However, it wasn’t enough. She was still “so confused with TOEFL structure.”




Deciding to study with NoteFull to make a change:



Dolly came across NoteFull very early on in her studies. She looked into the website and enrolled for the free email course, which she thought was impressive, but she was still unsure about registering:



“I was thinking to enroll in some kind of program because I was not able to get a high score by self preparation. I already knew about NoteFull. However, I was not so sure to enroll for it. I looked at a post on Facebook about a student who was struggling for her TOEFL score. And almost everyone was giving her advice to take NoteFull. I sent a message to that girl. She had bought Complete TOEFL Mastery and tutoring. She told me to use this program. (She is already on November page of NoteFull. Her name is Dina Alturk.)”



So, at this point Dolly decided to register. She started with Complete TOEFL Mastery.



Dolly used the self-study program and took advantage of the flash review. These things helped, but she was still struggling to improve her Writing and Speaking.



She took her first TOEFL in December. While she earned strong Reading and Listening scores, she unfortunately earned a 23 in Speaking and a 21 in Writing, which were not high enough to meet the Physical Therapy requirements.



Dealing with the disappointment was hard, but she new she had to keep going. At this point, she went through all the NoteFull steps again and again. And she registered for flash reviews to get feedback from NoteFull instructors in order to know how she was progressing.



She improved her reasons and examples for questions 1 & 2. She strengthened her note-taking strategies. She increased her writing speed by writing 2 essays per day. This was the hard work that helped her reach a 26 in writing on her next test.



Still struggling with speaking, though, she decided finally to register for Tutoring Points.



“It was an awesome experience.”



Here, she learned that speaking delivery and pronunciation were issues she had to improve. She also learned how to summarize and manage her time more effectively in questions 4 & 6.



When working on her own, she recorded and re-recorded again and again. And analyzed all of her answers carefully.



In total, she spent about 5-6 months of intensive preparation. In these months, Dolly “didn’t do anything other than TOEFL. I studied for 6 hours daily (except Saturdays and Sundays).” That’s a fantastic commitment!



After all of this preparation, Dolly decided to finally book her test for March 21st. On the test date, she was scared, but she stayed motivated. As her NoteFull tutor coached her to do, she did some breathing exercises before speaking started. She kept saying,  “I can do this” while she was on her 10-minute break.



And it worked! Dolly succeeded and was finally able to submit the following scores for her Physical Therapy license:



R 24, L 25, S 26, W 27



Hard work certainly pays off doesn’t it? We all congratulate you on your awesome results, Dolly!




Nine crucial points that led to Dolly’s success



Now, what do you need to do in order to succeed? Here’s what Dolly advises...



1. "Do tutoring if you need help. It is not waste of money. "


2. "Follow each advice from the system."


3. "Find out your mistakes."


4. "Take baby steps to improve them."


5. "Take an active part on the forum page."


6. "Make a transcript for question 1 and 2. Fix your problems."


7. "Repeat the same questions until you find no mistakes."


8. "Give yourself enough time."


9. "Have 100% faith in NoteFull and you."




Dolly’s final words to you:



“Never ever give up. Work hard and stay positive. You can win any battle by just staying in battleground and believing in yourself. Energy and persistence conquer all things.”



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